US Secures 100 Million Doses Of Pfizer, BioNTech Experimental Coronavirus Vaccine

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The U.S. government has reached a $1.95 billion deal with Pfizer and BioNTech for 100 million doses of their experimental COVID-19 vaccine once it obtains Food and Drug Administration approval.

An additional 500 million doses can be acquired, and U.S. citizens would receive the vaccine for free, according to the agreement.

A Phase 2b/3 trial of the vaccine, with human subjects, is scheduled to start later this month and will be subject to regulatory review as early as October 2020. If successful, 100 million doses would be manufactured by the end of this year and possibly more than 1.3 billion would be produced in 2021.

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  1. Enjoy Trump’s Great and First Vaccine!!! I will wait until you bold Trump supporters have tried it and can tell me if it works. You can also restart the economy and queue for polls. Of course Trump will be reelected, my life is not worth standing in line. If D-d is unpleased with the government, it will be dealt with…. no need for my puny vote.


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