US Sells Residence of Ambassador To Israel

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The US State Department has recently selected the buyer for the sale of the former Chief of Mission Residence in Herzliya, Israel. The move is another step in the transfer of the US embassy in Israel to Yerushalayim and will make it more difficult for a future US administration to reverse the transfer.

The State Department did not specify who had purchased the property, but stated that bthe buyer was selected solely on the basis of having submitted the highest and best offer. The selected buyer and the unsuccessful bidders have been notified. The Embassy will vacate the Chief of Mission Residence in Spring of 2021.

The asking price for the property was 300 million shekels, or $87 million, which limited the pool of potential buyers.

Read more at Arutz Sheva.



  1. WhEDITOR:
    The story title is grossly misworded. The US sold the ambassador’s residence, not sold the ambassador! Please correct

  2. Love the headline. US Sells Ambassador (david friedman) To Israel’s Residence (a building).

    The ambassador is now owned by a house!


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