US Senate Candidate DioGuardi Wishes a Kesivah Vachasimah Tovah, Literally


republican-congressman-joe-dioguardi[Audio below.] With the elections season drawing closer by the day, the political ads just don’t stop coming. But Republican U.S. Senate candidate Joe DioGuardi, who is up for a three-way Primary in NY, Tuesday September 14, has taken it to the next level.

In a new audio ad released for the last ten days of the Primary, DioGuardi asks the Jewish community that they should support him in the primary, pointing out that he is aware of concerns that the Jewish community has, “Such as people losing two dollars in Government Aid for every new dollar they earn – undermining the ability to become independent and succeed economically,” says DioGuardi. He continues by saying that, “Others have concerns with the Federal Sentencing Guidelines, and most of you are not happy with the way President Obama treats Israel. But, what else would you expect from a president who has a NY Democrat, Senator Christian Gillibrand, as a rubber stamp, regardless of the will of her NY constituency.”

DioGuardi ends his message by saying “I am wishing you a Ksiva V’Chasima Toyva, and a Git Gebentsht Yoor.”

He says it in a perfect Yiddish.

According to recent polls, DioGuardi leads the three-way Republican Primary, and keeps Senator Gillibrand at 43% – very low for an incumbent – in a Quinnipiac Poll. However, many Republicans are still tuned out of the race, making it impossible to predict how the Primary will actually turnout.

DioGuardi has a long-standing relationship with the Jewish Community in Westchester County, dating back to his days as a Congressman. He is well-aware that people in the NY-Orthodox Jewish and Hasidic Communities have issues and concerns that at times go uncared for by long-serving politicians. Therefore, DioGuardi has made it his personal effort to reach out to the Jewish community in form of meeting and greeting Community Leaders, Editorial Board staff and Jewish voters in a half a dozen Downstate Counties, in addition to running ads in more than a dozen Orthodox Jewish and Hasidic News venues. – All of it at a level not matched yet by other state-wide contenders of this election cycle.

Click below to watch DioGuardi’s video:

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{Noam Newscenter}


  1. He’s getting my vote. The ikar zach is that he is Pro life & Pro marriage. The other 2 candidates have been wishy washy on these kvod shomayim issues!

  2. In last weeks “news report” he took a strong stand for our brother Sholom Mordechi Rubashkin. Any action from Senator Gillibrand ? Anyone has any idea ?

  3. Great radio appearance! Please vote for Joe on September 14 at the New York Primary! Joe needs it and he is by far the only candidate qualified to take over Kirsten Gillibrand and better my Empire State!


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