US Senators Oppose Israel Return to 1967 Lines

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joe-liebermanUS senators proposed a resolution Thursday opposing any Israeli withdrawal to 1967 lines, dealing a symbolic blow to President Barack Obama’s efforts to renew peace talks.

“It is contrary to United States policy and national security to have the borders of Israel return to the armistice lines that existed on June 4, 1967,” read the text introduced by Senators Orrin Hatch, a Utah Republican, and Joe Lieberman, a Connecticut Independent.

The resolution, which enjoys the support of some 30 other senators, including Democrats, says US policy aims to “support and facilitate Israel in maintaining defensible borders.”

Last month, President Barack Obama gave rare public voice to the long-standing US policy of supporting a Palestinian state based on the borders that preceded the Six Day War, with mutually agreed land swaps.

His statement provoked a public scolding from Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu during a subsequent White House visit. The Israeli leader also stressed the “indefensible” nature of the 1967 lines.

“Boundaries that existed on June 4, 1967 placed Israel in a precarious military situation that threatened regional stability,” Hatch said in a statement.

“This resolution reaffirms that it is the policy of the United States to support and facilitate Israel in maintaining secure, recognized and defensible borders.”

Israel and the Palestinians have been at loggerheads over negotiations, which halted shortly after they were relaunched in Washington in September 2010 when a partial freeze on Israeli settlement construction expired.

Israel refused to renew the freeze, and the Palestinians insist they will not hold talks while settlements are being built on land they want for their future state.

Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas has since said he will not return to the negotiating table unless the 1967 lines are used as the basis for future agreed-upon borders.

{AFP/ Newscenter}


  1. Israel has finally put some teeth into their so far sluggish “hasbarah”.
    The results are quite astonishing.
    “Kushta ka’i, Shikra lo ka’i”.
    The Pali’s web of lies will eventually implode into nothingness.

  2. I look forward to the hired spokesblogger Yankel to try and call all these senators liars, and to try and tell us fine mr. hussain is.

    George Orwell, the arab guy, of course, as well

  3. The news is still reporting that Obama wants 1967 borders…that’s quite amazing.

    Where was Lieberman when Bush wrote the road map that included the demand to stop all settlement growth including natural growth…the first president to do so ?

    Where was Lieberman at Annapolis in 2008 when this requirement was demanded again?

    Where was Lieberman to protest a 100% give away by Olmert and Bush to Abbas for 100% of the land mass of the West Bank ?
    Where was Eric Cantor?
    Where was Boehner?
    Where was the Republican Jewish Coalition?

  4. #2 you are missing the boat and you are as confused as before.
    I dont agree with Obama that a return to 67′ borders is a good idea. However Obamas call for a return to 67′ borders was nothing knew bush called for the exact same thing. That is all ive been saying.
    I wish i was hired. do you think i could get money for saying that? how?
    The senators arent liars they are panderers which is great. but dont be stupid as to buy into it. When they say not to go back to 67′ borders what do they mean? Israel can keep all the land liberated in 67? Do they want Israel to give away ANY land? If so based on waht borders: Todays? pre-67? 47 Un resolution? 37 Peel comission? what borders do you think they have in mind?
    Finally and most importatly, the senate isnt in charge of foreign policy this resoultion is purely symbolic

  5. Furthermore, #2 I am as against Obamas proposal as Bush’s exact same one in annapolis. I was there protesting. Where you? why not? Why suddenly wake up now? Dont get me wrong its better late than never. However you dont need to revise history to oppose Obama’s proposal.
    BTW Mr. Hussain is dead. If you mean Obama, Hussein is his middle name not last name

  6. Yankel,

    why do you feel the best way to respond to me is by calling me confused?

    It has been clarified, for all those who don’t have alternate agendas, that what king hussain did was very different than what bush did.

    #1, bush wrote sharon a letter about the settlements which obama has decided not to honor. An anti-Israel step in itself and plain bad foreign policy, your justifications notwithstanding.

    #2, Bush never said what obama said as a precondition. It was always in the form of a sustainable peace agreement, which the arabs rejected. They wont reject obamas offer.

    #3, there is only one person who’s confused, You my friend. Are you willing to deny the fact that your hired by a competitor to this website?

  7. this is just incredible. the commenter above doesnt know what he is writing about.

    the bush letter discusses realities on the ground, and then Olmert and Bush proceed to give up in 2008 all of the land mass of the west bank with a swap of 6% of what is currently land of the State of Israel, over to the palestinians, in exchange for a 6% swap.

    That is exactly what Obama is advocating.
    The precondition comment is fraudulent because the 1967 borders with swaps is the only thing that Bush and Condi Rice were ever NEGOTIATING TO BEGIN WITH. the fact that obama said so publicly is meaningless as proven by the fact that olmert ( in the media) and bush ( in his book decision points) tell the whole world ” we negotiated for years and then offered abbas 1967 with swaps of equal amounts to protect the blocks.

    So all anyone is doing is lying if they try to fake anyone into believing obama is advocating anything more.

    It is the height of hypocracy on the part of commenters to communicate otherwise.

    Commenters ought to have the decency to know what they are commenting about.

  8. Yes yopu are very very confused. Hired by a competitor? Again can i get paid to write comments? That sounds like a great deal. I’d deffinitly sign up! No im not getting paid. The emes is enough of a driving force for me. Who are Popa and Mr. 80? I dont get that refrence.
    Im not sure what you think you mean by pre-condition? What exactly do you think Obama offered? You are aware that Obama doesnt control yehuda and shomron, thus he cant offer it to anybody? You are saying such nonsense that is why you are confused. Obama mentioned “land swaps”, in other words he supports Israel keeping larger settelment blocs much as Bush did. Bush repeatedly called for a halt to “settlemnt activity” not-withstanding any negotiation. You lied in your statment #2, which even in its lie form doesnt make much sense. Id be happy to provide quotes to that end. If you are willing toopen your mind just a tiny tiny crack.
    Again and I cant stress this point enough, I dont support Obamas plan much as didnt support Bush’s
    FYI King hussien is the late king of jordan ie he is dead. Are you living on a planet where he is still alive? And you wonder why I called you confused?


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