US Sets New Record For Average Daily Coronavirus Cases

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The United States set a record Sunday for new coronavirus cases averaged over a seven-day period, as cases march steadily upward.

The average new cases per day over a seven-day period was 68,954 on Sunday, according to the Covid Tracking Project, beating the previous record of 66,844 set on July 23.

The country has now passed the July peak, and there is no end in sight as the weather gets colder and more activity moves indoors, where the virus spreads more easily.

The country also set a one-day record Friday with more than 83,000 cases.

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  1. News flash: nobody cares anymore. “Cases” prove absolutely nothing. The US is testing upwards of 750,000 people a day. They’re bound to find some people who are positive when they are testing that many people. The only stat that matters is hospitalizations (and deaths) which are way way down. The media is trying to hang on to this for as long as they can.

  2. Yet there are some who live in our communities that deny the whole thing. “It’s over”,”it’s overrated”,”masks are useless” they say. Fools you are. Not just fools but potential murderers. How many people who tested positive or were in contact with someone who did not quarantine for the proper amount of time because it was “too hard.”
    It is crazy that some in our community are making massive mask free weddings. You guys are nuts. You guys are selfish and you guys are disgusting. Your personal wants should not come before the safety of so many others in our communities.

    • Masks are useless, and I’m not a murderer for not wanting to use them. They have NOT been proven to be effective at preventing COVID from spreading. The only thing that may be effective is social distancing. We cannot control a virus – it comes and it goes and there’s not much we can do about it. By the way, I wear a mask when I go out shopping to make everyone feel safer.

    • In short, those who are awake deny the whole thing and those who follow lamestream blindly are still panicking. For your information, yes, it’s over and it never even started. Masks are just about compliance and to make the bogus virus more alarming. Masks do not protect the wearers nor others, as the CDC admitted.

      Can you prove anything you’re complaining about? It seems just the opposite; nobody got sick after huge weddings or lots amount of people in shuls, and nobody is sick in cities where most people don’t adhere to quarantines and masks.

  3. Remember when Menachem Begin, head of the Irgun, hid among chareidim sporting beard and payos when the British Mandate were searching for him? Exactly what’s happening now when the elite Deep State / Cabal / Mossad criminals who are being pursued hide among chareidim. Which is why they’re so on top of Jewish schools and yeshivos and shuls.

    Case numbers go up only in cities or neighborhoods where they need to make lockdowns to capture some elite criminals still on the loose. In these cities they want people to take tests so that they can officially claim infection surge. In reality, these tests don’t even go through a lab. What happens is that curious people take tests to see if they’re positive or negative or the mayor or governor forces them to take a test. When they arrive they write their names and SS down. If they’re not feeling well, the nurse remarks next to the name not feeling well. So they can certainly be counted as positive. But they need more than these few, so they just randomly pick positives to be able to make lockdowns. All the blood tests are dumped without even being examined.

    The CDC themselves said that Covid-19 tests don’t exist.


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