US Sets Record With 100,000+ Cases In Single Day

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The United States registered a record 100,233 new COVID-19 coronavirus infections on Friday, Reuters reports, citing the official data.

The figure follows another daily record of 91,248 new cases on Thursday and exceeds the highest daily uptick globally, previously posted by India, which registered 97,894 new cases in one day.

The total number of confirmed cases in the United States has now exceeded 9 million, the Johns Hopkins University online tracker shows.

The country’s death toll is approaching 230,000.

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  1. It is what it is.
    It will dissapear
    We are rounding the corner.
    Keep drinking the Kool Aid, or the sydroxy, or the bleach.
    Its all a DemocRATic hoax.

    • And you still believe in this nonsense when the CDC clearly stated that coronavirus tests do not exist?

  2. Notice no increase in fatalities, just “cases”.
    There is an increase in Covid 19 cases because there has been an increase in testing. If more people took IQ tests, there would be an increase in idiots too!


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