US Signs $1.5B Deal With Moderna for 100M Vaccine Doses

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The United States has entered an agreement with drugmaker Moderna Inc. to acquire 100 million doses of its potential COVID-19 vaccine for around $1.5 billion, the company and White House said Tuesday.

The United States in recent weeks has made deals to acquire hundreds of millions of doses of potential COVID-19 vaccines from several companies as part of its Operation Warp Speed program, which aims to deliver a vaccine in the country by the end of the year.

Moderna’s price per dose comes to around $30.50 per person for a two dose regimen.

With the exception of its deal with AstraZeneca, which offered a lower price per drug in exchange for upfront research and development costs, all the deals price COVID-19 vaccines between $20 to $42 for a two dose course of treatment.

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  1. This proposed Covid vaccine that the company Moderna is making is completely different from all previous vaccines, as it works by changing and manipulation the recipient’s DNA. Obviously, monkeying around with the DNA of a person, monkeying around with the very core essence of a person’s physiology is something that is exceedingly of exceedingly of exceedingly dangerous. And, again, nothing like it has ever been done before, so there are no lessons from any prior experiences to provide any guidance.

    Yet, instead of being very, very extra careful in making it, they are wildly rushing its production on the express-fast-track!! They are skipping several of the most crucial phases of testing, which are STRICTLY REQUIRED for the development of ANY new medical piece. Furthermore, a test that was done on it with group of people showed some pretty serious problems. After just one dose of it, half of the group experienced significant bad reactions, and after taking two doses of it, ALL of the participants had terrible reactions.

    This is clearly a defective faulty dangerous product that was sloppily made that absolutely must not be used at all!!


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