US, South Korean Troops Recognized For Rescuing North Korean Defector


Three American and three South Korean soldiers were recognized by senior military leaders Thursday for their roles in rescuing a North Korean defector who was shot multiple times while fleeing the country last week.

Video footage of the defector’s daring escape – which shows him running across the border that divides the two countries while being pursued by North Korean soldiers – captured global attention when it was released Wednesday by the U.S. military command in South Korea.

The man made it to the South Korean side of the border before he collapsed from his wounds and was dragged to safety by U.S. and South Korean personnel.

“You were all in the range of North Korean fire,” Gen. Kim Byeong-joo, deputy commander of the U.S.-South Korea Combined Forces Command, told the troops during a ceremony at Camp Bonifas. “It was a precarious situation . . . [and] a showcase of great leadership.”

(c) 2017, The Washington Post · Caitlin Dewey 



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