US Surgeon General: Vaccine Cost Won’t Be Obstacle for Americans Getting It

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U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Jerome Adams promised on Wednesday during a Senate Committee hearing on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions that he will not let the cost of a potential Covid-19 vaccine prevent people from getting vaccinated, CNN reported.

In response to a question posed by Sen. Bernie Sanders at the committee hearing, Adams responded by saying that, “As Surgeon General of the United States, I promise you, we will use every federal tool that we have to make sure that cost is not an obstacle for people receiving what will perhaps be the most important and highly anticipated vaccine of our lives.”

National Institutes of Health Director Dr. Francis Collins, who was also testifying before the panel of senators, chimed in that he agreed with Adams, “100%.”

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  1. “what will perhaps be the most important and highly anticipated vaccine of our lives.”
    He is obviously not old enough to remember the polio vaccine.

    • What do you mean by he’s not old enough? Didn’t 47,500 cases of paralysis and death from the polio vaccine just occur in Africa?

  2. Dear Pro-Vaxxer, This is How to Convince Me

    Newsweek recently posted an article about how “anti-vaxxersare winning the war on Facebook.” The big recommendation, I’ll spoil it for you, is for “pro-vaxxers” to start engaging the minds and hearts of the undecided. The concern is that if they do not, “anti-vaxxers”will be the dominant faction here within the next 10 years. I wanted to add my own thoughts on this article, because I think the article is correct in its conclusion. If pro-vaxxers want to win this battle, they need to start engaging the hearts and minds of people who are still on the fence, and anti-vaxxers themselves. But this is obviously a difficult thing to do: I say it is obvious because if this were something easy to do, they would already be doing it. So what crucial information do pro-vaxxers need in order to make more compelling arguments?These are my thoughts on why pro-vaxxers have a tough battle ahead of them. If you identify as a “pro-vaxxer,” I hope you read this and consider it when you are pondering how to approach this issue….


  3. Actually the real reason people will need convincing is simply the safety factor. How in the world can a super-duper-fast-tracked vaccine be safe for mass usage? Why aren’t they looking for treatments, prevention and cures with the same zeal as they’re looking for risky vaccines? They’re not even properly researching promising protocols – emphasis on “properly,” as in objectively.


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