US Surpasses 5 Million Confirmed Coronavirus Cases

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The U.S. has recorded more than 5 million coronavirus cases since the start of the outbreak in the country, according to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University.

More than 1.5 million people have recovered from the disease in the country while the U.S. has also reported more than 162,000 coronavirus-related deaths, according to Johns Hopkins.

The U.S. has reported the most confirmed COVID-19 cases and deaths of any other country. The number of new infections across the U.S. have showed signs of easing recently, though the number of cases remains at a high level compared to earlier in the pandemic.

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  1. Gates said most US tests are “completely garbage” because it takes so long to return results. Coronavirus tests across the US regularly take more than a week to return results, frustrating public health authorities who rely on timely testing data.

  2. How many of those confirmed cases are the people actually really sick or just have mild symptoms? The liberals are trying to scare us with their propaganda and make us think masking and social distancing is essential. Maybe it really isn’t.

    • “Maybe” it really isn’t? OF COURSE it really isn’t. Those who are sick with Coronavirus, have exactly the same symptoms as being sick for radiation, chemo. What do you think these lockdowns are for? To continue putting up more and more 5G corona radiation towers. In fact, they changed the name corona to covid because corona is the Hebrew word for radiation and they need to keep Israel dumbed-down.
      Letters / Radiation fears from 5G rollout ‘well founded’
      Letter writer Dr MURRAY MAY, of Cook, says that Kate Swan’s fears about the rollout of 5G are well founded and that 244 scientists from 41 countries have raised called on the World Health Organization to reduce public exposure to artificial electromagnetic fields and radiation.
      Israeli scientists have shown the higher frequency millimetre waves intended for use with 5G could be a risk for human skin, with sweat ducts in the skin acting as antennas. They have sounded an alarm. Non-thermal biological impacts on the eye are certainly possible which could unleash an epidemic of eye disease.


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