US Surpasses Record 55,000 New Cases Of Coronavirus


The U.S. on Thursday set a record for daily new COVID-19 cases with 55,220, surpassing Wednesday’s record mark of 52,789.

The record numbers are due to the significant spikes in cases across the country, as many states have been setting and breaking records of their own the past two weeks.

Florida, which broke its record for new cases over the weekend, set a new record on Thursday with 10,109 more coronavirus cases. Georgia also set a new record for cases on Thursday with 3,472.

Read more at The Hill.



    • Hi Anonymous,
      Yay is correct !
      The LAST thing we want is the President dictating across the board public health policy.
      Every region has different dynamics, Every state has a REPRESENTATIVE GOVERNMENT with Executive & Legislative Branches.

      But who cares ??

      Is it not the TRUE GOAL of your ilk to use everything [including the proverbial “kitchen Sink”] as a tool to bash Trump.

      Correction, not just use it. RELISH IN PEOPLE SUFFERING just because in your twisted minds IT IS ALL WORTH WHILE-JUST TO GET TRUMP with a sound-bite.

      TDS [Trump Derangement Syndrome] on full display, pal.

  1. Who cares how many people have Covid? to me it would make sense to know how many people are in the hospital or passed away. Lets say you had a billion people testing positive but they are all walking around with a sniffle or no symptoms. What does this number show? Nothing. I actually have an elderly neighbor who has to undergo a procedure, but he can’t do it because he keeps testing positive for Corona. He looks and acts like he’s 100% fine. His doctor says he must have some dead Corona cells in him.

    • If Covid is a hoax, how can anyone have died from it? People definitely died but they might have died from the flu, heart attack or been murdered in hospitals, etc. What exactly did they die from if the new virus has no new sickness? Can you explain or does corona have to be accepted like a chok velo yaavor?


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