US Tells Israel: There’s No Chance Pollard Will Be Freed For Release Of Israeli-Arab Prisoners

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pollardUS administration officials clarified to their Israeli counterparts that there is “no chance” that US President Barack Obama would be willing to free Israeli agent Jonathan Pollard in return for the release of Israeli-Arab prisoners, Israel Radio reported today.

Meanwhile, former minister Rafi Eitan believes that this time, Israeli efforts to win Pollard’s freedom may yield results.

Eitan said he believes that Pollard will be freed within two years. “He’s going to be released in one year and ten months either way,” he told Arutz Sheva.

His prediction was based on an American law that could allow Pollard to be pardoned in 2015, once 30 years have passed since he entered prison. Pollard could apply for a pardon under the law, and his request is likely to be approved, Eitan said.

While American authorities could reject his request, he said, “if you look at the past few decades, it doesn’t happen.”

“There’s no reason he shouldn’t be released,” Eitan told Arutz Sheva. “I think that in this case Obama – with the right pressure, maybe in exchange for something suitable – I think this time there’s a good chance he’ll be freed.”

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. There’s no reason he shouldn’t be released except that Obama hates Jews and Israel. Pressure? He’s a lame duck. Exchange for something suitable? What’s more suitable than releasing all those terrorists? Obama is a taker, not a giver. He will not release Pollard ever.

    Only our tefilos can help.

  2. Disgusting! They give the Arabs $440 million in aide and demand the release of all their murderers, but they for some reason refuse to free Pollard. They treat their greatest ally like garbage. What do we gain for always giving in to the US? It can not get much worse than it is now.
    P.S. They couldn’t care less about Iran getting Nucs until they hit Israel first, than when it’s their own neck on the line will they start worrying. Way-to-go for all those Jews who voted for Obama! Clinton for 2016! …….. NEBACH!

  3. Let’s not forget that both Bush presidents refused to free him either. As the Gemorah says in Sotah, the only one we can rely on is Avinu Shebashamayim.

  4. Want to try to help Pollard? Sign the White House petition requesting the sentence be commuted at (lowercase l, zero, lowercase t, uppercase J T)


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