Used Sukkah Available


sukkahA reader has a sukkah available for removal as as soon as possible, because he does not have place in his backyard and the Sanitation Department will take it away. Kol hakodem zacha. Call 514-272-7444 or email

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  1. There is a great man in Flatbush by the name of Avi Weiss. He’s a tremendous Baal Chesed. Before Succos there was an article in a local weekly that called him the Succah Shadchan! He pairs up ppl giving away succos & ppl looking for succos! Amazing!!! Even though Yom Tov was a month ago, maybe you should give him a call & see if he has someone willing to take it! Big mitzvah

  2. The Succah Shadchan’s # is 718-998-6596. They mostly deal with succahs in the tri-state area but maybe they would have some ideas for you. For all those who are thinking of buying a new succah next year, save their #, they would be happy to hear from you August time. Tizku L’mitzvohs!


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