Using the Power of Torah to Unify Am Yisroel

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By L. Halevi

Klal Yisroel has weathered many storms over the millennia, and throughout it all, our dedication to Hashem, His Torah and to each other is what kept us together. is helping to keep that unity in place. What is TorahForSholom? Read on.

The Bais Hamikdash was destroyed due to a lack of Achdus in Klal Yisroel, and indeed, it will be rebuilt, hopefully soon, when we enhance our unity and our respect for one another. The more we do together, the more we accentuate and celebrate our similarities instead of focusing on our differences, the better off we will all be and the sooner we will merit to witness the magical day of Mashiach’s arrival.

The arrest and unjustly long incarceration of Sholom Mordechai Rubashkin is an ongoing saga that has captured the attention of Am Yisroel. His steadfast Emunah and Bitachon have inspired thousands and his acceptance of his fate has pushed those who love him to fight with superhuman strength to reverse it.

His fight is being fought on many fronts, by family, legislators and attorneys, but the ultimate power to fight for justice lies with us, Klal Yisroel, as we are able to beseech Hashem, the all-powerful Judge for a miraculous reversal of the injustice.

How can we help?, that’s how!

A new initiative has been undertaken, whereby a Sefer Torah is being written as a Zechus for Sholom Mordechai’s release. Every member of Klal Yisroel can – and indeed is being urged to- participate and undersign this campaign. It is not a costly campaign or a fundraiser, as a contribution of $1 or even less is all it takes to add your name to the growing list of those who are adding the element of Kedusha- spirituality- to the fight for justice.

Every Jew is holy. Every Jew has unimaginable power. Every Jew can make a difference. Sholom Mordechai is suffering and every Jew feels his pain. Sholom Mordechai is a spiritually elevated individual, and every Jew can add their own spirituality to his and effect unimaginable Kedusha in the world.

All it takes is a visit to and 60 seconds of your time and you can add your name, as well as the names of your family and loved ones to partake in this historic initiative to elevate the collective spirituality of Am Yisroel and merit seeing redemption for Sholom Mordechai Rubashkin.

What better time than now, during this somber period when we crave the ultimate redemption, for you to do your part to show that you care for your fellow Jew, you are in solidarity with your fellow Jew, you love your fellow Jew! Every little bit of holy light can go a long way in extinguishing the spiritual darkness that shines so menacingly in the world we currently live in. Every name added to this Sefer Torah campaign is another beacon of light to combat the spiritual darkness.

The time for ahavas Yisroel is now. The time for TorahForSholom is now! May it bring true Sholom to the world with the rebuilding of Sukas Sholom, the glorious Bais Hamikdash Hashlishi B’meheira B’Yameinu Amen.




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