U.S.’s Youngest Female Billionaire Found

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moneyMeet America’s youngest female billionaire: Lynsi Torres, heir to hamburger chain In-N-Out.

Torres keeps a low profile, but the little that’s known about her is fascinating. At 30, she’s a thrice-married competitive drag racer who lives in a seven-bedroom, 16-bathroom mansion in California.

Bloomberg reports that she inherited the company after a series of deaths in the family, including a plane crash and a prescription-drug overdose. She currently has half ownership of the company through a trust and will get full ownership when she turns 35. What she’ll do with In-N-Out is anyone’s guess. Read more at Bloomberg.

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  1. Dear Lynsi,
    Hi you don’t know me, but if you ever need a financial advisor, call me:)
    In exchange, you can come to me for Milchigs whenever you get tired of all those hamburgers.
    In-N-Out of Money

  2. If you are like most Americans, you will spend your life chasing money so that you will be happy, knowing full well that money doesn’t bring happiness.

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