UTJ Demands PM Meet Chareidi Needs


yisroel-eichlerUnited Torah Judaism presented a series of demands to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu regarding problems the chareidi public faces, particularly the need for a real breakthrough in dealing with the housing crisis and legislating the Talmud Torah Law.

The party told Netanyahu that if these issues are not resolved soon, the party would not be able to vote with the coalition on government initiatives.

The most pressing needs for the chareidi public are currently as follows:

First, a practical solution to the housing crisis caused by government red tape and expensive construction taxes imposed by the Finance Ministry.

Second, legislating the Talmud Torah Law to prevent the High Court from imposing the Core Curriculum and annulling the decrees against the chareidi education system, including a new decree that requires principals to receive the approval of the director of the Education Ministry.

Third, UTJ representatives are demanding the legislation of a “fair representation” law, similar to the quotas arranged for Arabs, women and Ethiopians. The Knesset is set to approve the Ethiopians Law and UTJ is demanding that chareidim be included as well. At the same time UTJ members lobbied for a government decision that would make Torah study weighted the same as academic degrees in the civil service ranking system.

“Before the government sees to the formation of a Palestinian state,” said Party Chairman MK Rabbi Yisrael Eichler, “it should see to employment for Jews and a roof over their heads.”

On the issue of housing, Rabbi Eichler laid forth a series of steps that the party is demanding prior to the execution of the major government decisions on real estate market reforms: doubling apartment subsidies for tenants unable to secure housing due to price hikes in the rental market, a mortgage subsidies law not only for the geographic periphery, but for the economic periphery as well, the inclusion of chareidi communities in every experimental housing assistance program, restoring purchasing grants for home buyers in Jerusalem and its environs, issuing tenders where preference is given to contractors who offer the lowest final purchasing price, discounts for developing land in selected areas and a series of other steps that were in place until the first Sharon government removed them.

The UTJ members stressed to the Prime Minister that these matters must be carried out in the immediate future, “otherwise we won’t be able to justify our presence in the coalition. Without educational independence, housing for young couples and employment, there’s no reason for us to support coalition bills.”

{Eliezer Rauchberger-Deiah veDibur/Matzav.com}


  1. Yes, Rabbi Eichler all ISRAELI JEWS are in need of housing. The red tape and ridiculous requests made by government hold back building and real estate investment.


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