UTJ: Don’t Interfere With Chareidi Chinuch


utjFollowing an Education Ministry decision to close down educational institutions that do not teach the core study curriculum, members of Yahadut Hatorah (United Torah Judaism) today said in a statement, “We’ll reject and struggle against any attempt to intervene in the chareidi education system’s study program.”

The UTJ faction members harshly criticized the ministry’s initiative to reduce the budgets and in some cases completely close down education institutions that do not teach the core program determined by the ministry.

Since its days of establishment, they noted, the State has recognized and respected the autonomy of the chareidi education, and has never intervened.

The faction members also opposed the recent attempt to increase supervision over the chareidi education system by sending Education Ministry inspectors.

 “This is a principle and unequivocal issue. It needs to be made clear that like in previous years, the inspectors and teachers are employees of the independent education, so new inspectors who join the system must also be employed by the independent education, and not by the Ministry of Education,” said a UTJ faction member.

“The ministry must supervise the content of the general state education, and fix what needs fixing there, before they dare come here and harm the untainted chareidi education system, which has proven successful above and beyond throughout many generations,” he concluded.

{Ynet/Matzav.com Israel}


  1. Has V’Shalom they teach Math,physics,chemistry or even geography in frum schools. The Gaon de’vilna, maharal of prague, rambam, even-ezra etc… were all very well versed in secular topics. It is even well documented that that the maharal was friednly with Kepler. Did you know that.

    The state should not be incharged on religious education but it has the right to impose KOSHER secular education if Chinuch atsmai continues to enjoy state funding.

  2. Let me get this straight. Who is funding this education? If they are playing in the game, they have to play by he rules. If you are mostly funde by the Medinah then you need to play by their rules. By the way, this argument of “since the establishment of the State….” is obnoxious. Get over it. Things change in over 60 years. It’s time reassess how succsessful you really are. How well prepared are your graduates able to find meaningful income in today’s climate.


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