UTJ Warns of Coalition Crisis If Kosel Plan Reinstated   

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Shas and United Torah Judaism warned Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu yesterday that if the government’s decision to freeze the Kosel plan is rescinded, the chareidi parties will leave the coalition, Kol Haolam reports.
“If [Reform] would run candidates in the elections,” said Yaakov Litzman, UTJ’s head, “I am certain they would not get a thousand votes.”

Meanwhile, Netanyahu told visiting AIPAC officials at a closed door meeting last night that he faced a choice of either ending plans for a mixed area at the Kosel or losing his government. A high-level delegation from the American Israel Public Affairs Committee flew in for the day to discuss their concerns with Netanyahu and what they are hearing from their constituents.
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  1. Now, if these parties would only take a similar stand with regard to chillul Shabbos, geirus, to’eivah parades, etc., that would really be great.

    • the MKs from “gimmel” should start to worry about the growing amount of cynicism surrounding their “great work for klal Yisrael and Yiddishkeit.” What achievements do they have to boast of?
      Let at least the voters keep track of their track record and remember it in time for next elections.
      They should leave the coalition! But of course they won’t…
      Rav Shach, the Chazon Ish, the Steipler etc. would be horrified at what has happened (and what hasn’t). Is this (all talk and no action) what we send them to the knesses for?

  2. Orthodox willing humane hope is that the western wall will always be run always by the orthodox and never with any concession for the reform.

    There is no point to try to get closer to Hashem by just a tourist visit when you disavow Torah.

    The holy of Israel is Torah. Learn Torah and find a sane life and maybe the final day you get to visit the wall will be a much greater reward.

    The Torah is holy.

  3. Hey, if they lose their brothers in the USA, how will the Jerusalem polis take their grand tours and collect their honorariums in the USA? And lose their last leverage against the traditionalists?
    Let’s see, the Reformatories consider their clubhouses as fully equivalent if not culturally superior to the Bays haMiqqdash. The Cons have removed all references to the ‘Avodah from their mass. And the Witches of the Wall are already clamoring for the Kahuna and the idealization of their middos-S’dom. The few dozen persons who buy their shtuss need serious therapy. We need a real Ezra to perform a real knock-out.

  4. Netanyahu has naught to worry about. The Chareidim won’t quit the coalition and force new elections as there is too much money involved.
    Money talks. As Shlomo Hamelech “הכסף יענה את הכל”.


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