UTJ Won’t Attend Gov’t Vote on Kevorim, Protest Damages Estimated at NIS 1 Million


menachem-eliezer-moses-smallUnited Torah Judaism has decided that the party’s Knesset members will not attend the weekly government no-confidence vote in protest against the decision to relocate kevorim in Ashkelon. It was further decided that each member of the faction would consult with his senior rabbonim on whether to withdraw from the coalition over the affair.

 The MKs will discuss their course of action in a faction meeting next week.

 “This is an act of protest. It upsets us as members of the coalition to get such a slap in the face and have our important values disregarded,” a source in the faction said. He also noted, “True, it cost a little more money, but one pays money for values.”

MK Menachem Eliezer Moses noted at the beginning of the meeting that there are lands worth millions in several European cities on top of Jewish cemeteries with only Jewish pressure preventing construction there.

Moses claimed that European elements will be encouraged to build over kevorim following the decision in Israel.

Earlier today, Police Commissioner Dudi Cohen said that 105 suspects were arrested in the recent wave of protests in Ashkelon, Yerushalayim and Yaffo and added that “the police as a law-enforcing body is determined to follow the government’s decisions in the most professional manner while limiting the disruption of life of the law-abiding public in Israel.”

It was revealed that the damages caused by protests in Yerushalayim totaled NIS 1 million for damage to roads, vehicles, trash cans, traffic lights and street lights.

{Yair Alpert-Matzav.com Israel/Ynet contributed to this report}



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