Vaad Hakashrus of Flatbush: Do Not Discriminate Based On Sexual Orientation

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  1. Disappointing.

    If they would say that they only supervise the food, not the ambiance, that is one thing.

    But they should not get involved in other issues. Don’t tell other people what to do.

    Don’t give in to the PC thought police!

    • hello genius, maybe you want secular authorities meddling further into our businesses? Or perhaps stating that “ultra orthodox” kosher establishments should all be shut down because they discriminate based on sexual orientation, which is forbidden according to the law of the land?
      I do feel bad for the restaurant which I am sure would rather not host the event, but if they don’t they are likely to be shut down, and if they do they will look bad and lose patrons and perhaps close down anyway.

  2. No backbone, a heter to the u know who to do u know what. Look into this toyra and give them the brimstone treatment. Or risk the wrath of the man upstairs.

  3. flatbush kashruth just lost thie ‘nemones’. Yes. when one goes into ehrlicher food establishment one expexts to have 100 % . its shas hashmad that even on the way we tie shoelaces….

  4. I do not understand why still has this letter posted. Everyone including the main stream media has verified that this document is FAKENEWS a forgery.

    This is Motzei Shem Rah.


  5. I don’t understand how Matzav can publish a letter that they know is false. I think Matzav has to ask the Vaad mechila for spreading motzei Shem rah. They also owe the Vaad an public apology for spreading this false story.

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