Vaccine Maker: Vaccinating Entire World Could Take 5 Years

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It could be another five years before the entire world is vaccinated for COVID-19, the CEO of the largest vaccine manufacturer in the world said.

Adar Poonawalla, who runs the Serum Institute of India, spoke with the Financial Times and said the challenge of inoculating the world’s 7.8 billion people means the process will take years.

“It’s going to take four to five years until everyone gets the vaccine on this planet,” Poonawalla said.

He said the vaccine may require two doses, which means there will need to be upward of 15 billion doses made available.

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  1. And how will the world react when a different virus / microbe emerges as this one is brought ‘under control’? Another lockdown sequence? Life is going to feel like a sequence of Rocky movies.

    • This “coronavirus” will be “brought under control” as soon as the elite corona criminals will all be apprehended. Just continue praying for President Trump’s hatzlachah and siyatta Dishmaya. And then, all lockdowns will cease.

    • They’ll be the lucky ones, the only ones alive if G-d forbid this depopulation vaccine will ever go through.

  2. I definitely hope for the sooner the better but I feel very concerned about the recent uptick. I feel like the difference how we socially distance this rosh hashanah and Yom Kippur may take dozens if not hundreds of Jewish lives. I beg anyone that has any connections or any way of getting things done to somehow create a lockdown in new York and beyond. at least it should be like the restrictions in Israel. with all of us davening together for so many hours, it will be yom kpurim unfortunately. all I could say is that someone who causes strict regulations to take place is saying a ton of lives.

  3. Someone on the Asfrazeneca trial already suffered neurological damage. Are people considering actually getting this vaccine or only because it will be forced?


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