Venezuela’s Maduro to Trump: ‘Get Your Pig Hands Out of Here’



Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has lashed out at U.S. President Trump after the White House hit eight members of Venezuela’s Supreme Court with sanctions. “Go home, Donald Trump!” Maduro shouted in English during a rally with his supporters on Friday, telling the U.S. president to stop “meddling.” “Get your hands out of here! Get your pig hands out of here!” he said. Maduro’s comments come after Trump described the current situation in Venezuela as a “disgrace to humanity” while meeting with the Colombian president on Thursday.

The oil-rich nation has been rocked by violent protests for nearly two months, with protesters demanding Maduro’s ouster for running what they describe as a dictatorship. The Trump administration’s sanctions against members of the country’s Supreme Court came in response to a ruling by the court in late March to strip the opposition-controlled Congress of its powers, a move that was later reversed. At least 46 protesters have been killed in the weeks following that move, as demonstrators continue to demand new elections, blaming Maduro for the country’s crippling food shortages and rapidly deteriorating economy. Read more.




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