Verizon Announces New Unlimited Data Plan to Address “Data Anxiety”

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Verizon made a rather surprising weekend announcement: unlimited data plans are coming back. The carrier says that beginning tomorrow, it will offer what it’s calling Verizon Unlimited. The plan will cost $80 for an individual line or $45 for each line on a four-line family plan. Those prices are described as “introductory” and require both paperless billing and AutoPay to be enabled. Customers will get full LTE speeds until they reach 22GB of usage, after which they’ll be subject to reduced data speeds and de-prioritization, THE VERGE reports.

Hotspot tethering — up to 10GB at LTE speeds — is included, as are calls and texts to Mexico and Canada. Verizon Unlimited also allows for 500MB-per-day roaming in those countries, and you can pay $10 for a 500MB LTE TravelPass elsewhere in the world. The carrier isn’t completely moving away from “bucketed” data plans and will continue offering 5 GB, S, M, and L options to subscribers who don’t use large sums of data each month.

Verizon is already pitching its unlimited plan as superior to T-Mobile’s, noting that it includes HD video as opposed to the 480p/DVD-quality video that T-Mobile One customers get by default. However, Verizon specifying only “high definition” leaves room for the carrier to limit users to 720p video. Verizon claims it has been working “tirelessly but quietly” to deliver a new unlimited plan designed for power users and meant to eliminate concerns about exceeding data caps. Read more at THE VERGE.



  1. Big deal. This guy talking is full of it. I have MetroPCS and I have unlimited data on 4G LTE for $55 a month INCLUDING TAXES. There are no contracts either. Verizon are the biggest ganavim in history. Whatever price they claim, you have to tack on another 30-40 dollars + their own unique tax charges. They make Noachs generation look tame.


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