Vermont Will Pay You Up To $10,000 To Move There

Aerial view of fall foliage, Stowe, Vermont, USA
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Vermont’s government has pledged to pay some lucky American citizens up to $10,000 to up sticks to the stunning Green Mountain State.

The only requirements? You have to be employed full-time by an out-of-state employer, happy to work remotely in your new home and to commit to becoming a Vermont resident.

Vermont’s population is small. The US Census Bureau estimated there were just 623,657 people living there in July 2017. The state’s new initiative, signed into law by Gov. Phil Scott on May 30, aims to bolster these numbers with young mobile workers.
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  1. Just don’t get pulled over by a State cop. If you’re Orthodox, they’ll force you out of your vehicle with guns drawn and then throw you face first into the pavement in the pouring rain. That’s not worth any stinking $10,000

    • Should I make you say “what”? What?

      What is the average price of a 4 bedroom home? Any frum Shuls in the State? Any Chadorim? One must work out of State? Why? That doesn’t make any sense. Wouldn’t the State of Vermont want the tax revenue? Are there any blacks at all, in the State? Bernie Sanders and Pat Leahy are as white as can be.


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