Veteran Rep. Elijah Cummings Dies At Age 68


Rep. Elijah Cummings has died at the age of 68, his office said in a statement early Thursday.

Cummings “passed away at Johns Hopkins Hospital due to complications concerning longstanding health challenges,” according to his office.

Cummings served as chairman of the House Oversight Committee, one of the panels overseeing the impeachment inquiry into President Trump. He also famously clashed with the president this summer over the president’s attacks against the Maryland Democrat and his Baltimore congressional district. Several Democratic lawmakers, including city officials, labeled Trump’s comments as racist.

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  1. Uh oh. I hope Trump is not turning into a Clinton.
    After all this man did to eliminate crime in his Baltimore neighborhood, you would think he was a saint.

  2. He probably died from the Baltimore rat infested swamp that he didn’t take care of. Or was it his stress to impeach the first duly elected president? Did he take the stolen $16 billion federal aid with him to his grave?

  3. Omg disgusting comments he was a very good family man and over all a good person ask Ben Shapiro if you don’t believe me. I hope is family has the strength to get through these trying times.

    • If he was a proponent of toeivah marriage and abortion (like democrats are) I could not care less about what he did with his family. His intentions may have been noble but he was an advocate for terrible and horrific evil.


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