Veterans Walk Out Of Meeting With Ocasio-Cortez After She Bashes US Foreign Policy


Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez bashed US foreign policy during a private meeting with Bronx community leaders, prompting two military veterans to storm out.

Anthony Vitaliano — an Army veteran who worked in the NYPD for 38 years, and commanded the Bronx’s homicide detectives — was sitting next to Ocasio-Cortez when she slammed the US foreign policy and suggested President Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu were autocrats, according to a person at the meeting.

“I was revolted,” said the attendee, who didn’t want his name published. “She knocks the country, she knocks the president. And that’s not what America is about,” said Silvio Mazzella, a Vietnam War vet and treasurer of Community Board 11.

He, Mazzella and Vitaliano said they all walked out in disgust before the end of the session.

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  1. Cortez is spreading hate and division in a very dangerous way. Her incitful inflammatory accusations can motivate a crazy person to commit acts of violence against those she rails about. The DNC has an obligation to speak to her and reign her in. How many more warning signs do we need?

  2. Is AOC coming to the Israel Day Parade today? Jerrold Nadler? Are any of the Democrat candidates for President going to attend?

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