Video: 13-Year-Old Attacker Shown in Hospital After Abbas Said He Was “Executed”

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Ahmed Mansra13-year-old Ahmed Mansra, who stabbed and seriously wounded two Israelis this week in Yerushalayim, is alive and well in the hospital, as shown in the video below, thus disputing Palestinian Abbas claim that he was “executed.”

Haddassah Ein Karem hospital updated that his condition is improving and he will be released from the hospital in the next few days.


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  1. Why didn’t they shoot the terrorist to death??? He will now become an overnight hero and these pictures and video’s will be used by their excellent PR machines to smirch and defame Israel in the worst way! If they would of shot the dog to death, there would of been “outrage” for a day and it would of been done with it. Now we will suffer the PR battle for years to come because of this piece of dreck.

  2. This video and picture is absolutely repulsive – it certainly did not change the PA, Hamas or World Opinion of Israel and just angered Israelis. I don’t need to see my tax money going to feed a terrorist – no matter of the age. What would happen if he got killed – it wouldn’t be by accident or cause someone stabbed him. Rather because he DESERVED IT. He does not deserve to be spoonfed so that the Israelis can show the world how good they are. It is time to stop thinking of WORLD OPINION and do what is morally correct. He should’ve stayed at the scene of the crime and let ‘Allah’ come save him. SICK SICK SICK


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