Video: 8th Day’s Smash Hit “Ya’alili” Closing in On 100,000 Hits

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yalili-8th-day[Video below.] Jewish music fans are enjoying one of the most well-produced Jewish music videos in years, as the smash hit “Ya’alili” from 8th Day, featuring brothers Shmuel and Bentzion Marcus and posted here first on in our Featured Video section, is closing in on 100,000 hits on YouTube.

“We are thankful to everyone who helped make this happen,” said Chaim Marcus, who wrote and produced the video. “There are close to 50 people who appear in the video and most of the shooting happened in middle of the night.”

The video was shot on a Red One MX camera with incredible picture quality used mainly for feature films – and can be viewed in HD at 1080p.

“If this video doesn’t make you smile and dance, check yourself for a pulse,” joked Bentzion Marcus, who produced and arranged the album. “You can file this one under the pure joy category,” he added.

The ever popular California based band is celebrating the  third printing of its new CD titled “Chasing Prophecy.”

The music video, directed by Hollywood director Larry Guterman, was shot entirely at the  popular Pomegranate Supermarket in Brooklyn and features an incredible supporting cast, including Eli Schwebel, lead singer of Lev Tahor.

Click below to watch:

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  1. sadly while the music is nice and kind of hip-hop, a new low has been reached in Jewish music, with women in the music video, and although its a brief second or two -they are dancing

  2. So what there was a woman, does this mean you will now go out and do aveiros because you saw a woman in a jewish music video?!?! Oh please

  3. #1 #2
    Yes it’s very scary to see where these guys are taking us.

    sadly the new generation has no idea what nice music is all about.

  4. #3 I have no opinion on this issue, however you are very mistaken to think that looking at things that are questionable (weather this is or not was not the point) is Assur, regardless if Avairos will or will not be done because of the looking.
    I.e. looking at a 104 year old woman, 1 inch above the knee, is Assur! You get the point!!

  5. I loved the music. It was fun, entertainingm catchy, full of Simcha. The only thing I didnt like was the guy with the long hair.

  6. What are u talking about? Either I am blind (which is possible) or clueless, are u talking about the mom wheeling the young child in the shopping cart, or the mom and dad with their two kids shopping? Who was dancing and when?

    The music is amazing, theme of Ashkanize?Sefrady is great. We are one in happiness, kindness and love.

  7. It may be a nice catchy song, but, having a woman in the video, even with just her head bobbing in tune to the music, is not b’derech tznius.

  8. love the music, Mom and Dad with the two kids. The woman was jigging, I wouldnt call it dancing but she was “with the spirit”. This wasn’t a “heimishe” thing. If you hear the rest of the songs on this tape, you understand that this is probably commonplace in the crowd this type of music is catering to.

  9. You guys gotta check a much better yalili video made by Yeshivah Ohr Yisrael of Atlanta.
    Search on you tube for YOY Purim/Yalili. I srtrongly suggest that Matzav puts it on there website. Its AN AMAZING VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. What?! Women in a supermarket. This is terrible. They are everywhere now. Oy! What are we to do about shmiras ainayim?

    Life was better in Europe – we never had women in supermarkets.

  11. your missing the point – i didn’t say it was ossur, but the fact remains that having women in video -head bobbing or otherwise – is a new reality and not one that is making the RBSh”O dance!

  12. we have different sensitivities sadly, so many people are not bothered by the inclusion of the woman on the video….its a sad statement of our current galus. kal kvuda dbas melech pnima we understand that they must go out but they don’t need to be included on a video to be viewed by thousands of yidden.

  13. I love the music. Come eye people. Get with the program, the woman was very tznius
    There are more serious problems for us to be concerned about such as sinas chinam and children going off the derech, r’l.

    Just enjoy the music and its message.

  14. Oy Vey! I have never ever seen anything so terrible.
    The boy singing, maybe it is not a boy singing but a girl. Perhaps these are boys dressed as girls and girls dressed as boys or maybe it is vis a versa.

  15. this video is so great ,i am so happy about every single part of it ,its 100% perfect shows that all of us jews are one i just want to wish the ppl. that made this video a good luck and may all your future work be this great
    and for all of u that dont like the idea of having a women on the video -grow up or rather close your eyes or wait maybe dont ever leave home because i heard from someone that a women is standing out side ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh quick go hide u might see her

  16. Noone seems to catch the real problem here, that a headline about “100,000 hits” gets our attention and interest. Since when do we align ourselves with how many hits a music video gets? That’s a new low.

  17. # 18 Great point, to the other problems that are around us, the music can be a cure: Reb Shlomele, Heliga Yid we miss you

  18. I liked their song on the Oorah Shmorg CD, last year. However the video that was shown on Matzav for that song also showed a women standing in the kitchen

  19. to #1 oy vey,


  20. What I thinking people are missing, is the underlining theme of this video. The achdus we should have and must have, if wish to experience the Geuloh and see Moshiach! Ashkenazim, Sephardim, and Chabad all dancing and experince togetherness, Ma Touv Uma No-im!

  21. first they probably shouldnt have had women in it. second i dont know why you would look so closely. until someone stated kvetching about the lady dancing i didnt even notice. and that is probably the case for many people

  22. I’m still wondering why matzav never put The Yeshivah Ohr Yisrael Video on there website. It kicks the 8th day version + is has no woman in it. Since matav never put it up you might wanna go to a better source called YOU TUBE. Search for YOY Purim/yalili.

  23. Anyone bothered listening to the words of this song? If you did, you would notice the tremendousness of a song like this. In fact, this song is so great because it’s saying that it doesn’t matter if you are ashkenaz or sfard- none of it matters. Why? Because when it comes down to it, we are all Jewish. I once heard something tremendous that I will never forget. When a Jew walks into a room, what do they say? They point and say he’s my type, he’s not. He is, he’s not, etc. etc. and what does a nazi (yemach shemo) say? Jew. I hate to compare a nazi, but for once, he has it right. We are all Jews, we are all family. We have to stand together especially with the Fogel family and everything that is going on in Israel today. We need to be strong. And if there is a woman dancing, we can all be dan lecaf zechut and say that she was put there to make this sentiment of achdut even stronger.

  24. i think it would have been nicer if the woman wasn’t in it ,but its not the worst thing that happened!and any ways the song was great so that’s the main thing.

  25. you know all of this arguing about the women seems to go against the song. its pretty ironic that a song which is bringing together all of the sects of yiddishkeit has the most sinas chinam in the comments of it. although i see why people are upset the truth is when i watched it i didnt even remember the women after until i read all of the comments. so although i see why ppl. are upset the fact remains that the women shown are not doing anything not tznius b”h if theyd be full out dancing then fine but walking in a store on a regular day with music playing on the speakers you could catch women bobbing their heads with their children as well and they could be the most tznius women in the world. so why dont we all stop arguing and actually ask a rav which it seems that noone had the concern of doing. so clearly it doesnt matter to them as much as they make it seem so them making it seem that way is an even worse issur called sheker(falsehood.) so why dont we just listen and be thankful that there are yidden out there who are doing what they can to bring moshiach bemiheira beyameinu AMEN.

  26. the only guys who r making a fuss r the guys who actually paid so much attention i didnt even notice and its a sec or 2 noone should make problems its just dumb i think its 4 attention

  27. #24, Alex: maybe he is on the Matzav Network (which is what i have), and he has absolutley no access to the internet? But i agree with you. It is a great song and a very well made music video. LOVE IT!

  28. this song is really inspirational. achdus really means alot to me and i hate whaen i see those judgemental people who are very close-minded. i would love to see all of klal yisroel together. thanx for making this song.


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