Video: Amazing Microsoft’s Marketing Stunt Faked

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stunt-splash[Video below.] Turns out the official recipe for fun and the way to create an Internet sensation are the same: Start with a megacorporation, add in a group of Germans on a hillside, liberally take advantage of slick editing software and let the power of the Web do its thing. You may have heard about the latest craze blasting its way through cyberspace. In case you haven’t, a recap: A guy in a neoprene suit goes barreling down a waterslide, flies off the end and through the air, traveling a great distance, and splashes down in a tiny pool. See?

Well, it’s a hoax. It didn’t happen. Ultimately, it’s an ad for Microsoft Germany. Still, it is awfully clever. Some commentators out there on the Net are suggesting it could be one of the greatest fakes in the history of the World Wide Web.

How this excellent production came together can be boiled down to something like this. A stuntman starts down the slide, but a rope keeps him from going too far, the thing that’s airborne isn’t a person, but is instead animation, and the principal character ended up in the pool by dropping off a small ramp. Piece it seamlessly together, and there you go.

According to NewTeeVee, a marketing firm that deals with viral ads was signed up to get the video on to a few dozen Web sites. The agency claimed it was planning for the spot to stay in Germany, but c’mon, this is the Internet we’re talking about here. W

This story is only a few days old, and it’s captivated millions of viewers. News outlets are spreading the word. Believers in the stunt are crying foul at those who would insist it’s phony.

Now stop wasting time, and watch the trick below:

[media id=134 width=400 height=300]

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