Video: Animal Rights Activists Harassing Boro Park Yidden Doing Kapparos

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kapparos[Video below.] Today, animal rights activists were out in all their glory, videoing and otherwise documenting kapparos locations in Boro Park, and other frum communities, and the manner in which people were performing kapparos. In the following video, one such activist in Boro Park says she “happened upon” a shochet preparing for kapparos. The woman said that the chickens were “tightly packed in crates with no food and no water.” She subsequently called the ASPCA (The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) to notify them and to tell them that “some chickens were left in crates in the hot sun.”
The woman calls the practice of kapparos “brutal and unnecessary.”

To watch the video, click below:

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  1. This lady was not one to teach us about tzaar baalei chaim- she was coming with an agenda to send it to PETA. She obviously has a chip on her shoulder, or she would not have shown up with a camera.

    I hope kaparos people do know the halachos of tzaar baalei chaim, but they certainly are not guided by ‘oisvorfs’.

  2. she is right its not in the talmud but it is in the geonim and rishonim.If her granfather was a tzadik as she claims i am sure he didnt have a problem with this minhag.

  3. I’m not sure whether to cry for them, simply doing kaparos, or to cry for all the future generations that will be lost. Hashem Yiracheim.

  4. This girl am haaretz is telling us what is in the Talmud?! LOL And she is a posek too, telling us we can abondon our minhugim. A yiddish shiksa.

  5. So sad that she felt she could intrude on the religious freedom of those who keep this tradition.

    The chickens certainly are not hurt during the process of the ceremony; I think her real but unstated issue is with the destination of these chickens, to be slaughtered for the poor. I guess she’d rather the poor eat alfalfa sprouts.

    Incredible that there are still those who feel they can dictate religion to others, and harass those participating in a private ceremony.

    She was rude, and her actions were inexcusable.

  6. These people have an agenda which they will ruthlessly persue. Throwing a carton at her while she was standing on a public highway was really not smart. There is no reason at all why we should not continue with the minhag of kaporas but maybe the time has come to move it inside to private air conditioned premises for everyone’s benfit, including the chickens. None of these busy bodies will then get any pictures or be able to interfere with us. A side benefit will be that the chickens will not be caged up out in the sun, as shown in the video. After all that is not part of the minhag.

  7. There is one very real reason why we should all be using money ONLY

    Up until the war, just about everyone including kids and city folk interacted with animals daily. We no longer know how to hold them, let alone treat their fragile bodies with respect.

    The only chicken most of us ever handle is in a burger or on a plate.

    The world has changed and so must we. There is nothing WRONG with using money – Tzar Baal Hachaim is!

  8. Let’s not give the animal rights extremists any reason to attack. To 10: if there were some basic standards that kaparos establishments had to adhere to, and they would, would it be as problematic? It could mean hiring more qualified people, going more slowly, charging a lot more but it could make a great kiddush Hashem.

    No, this is not my minhag. I use money, but there is a strong mekor for animals. I do wonder, as much as minhag Yisrael k’din, if there is room for people to use money in good conscience if these basic standards aren’t being adhered to. This is for people much greater than I to determine, but it could be a watershed.

  9. GMSC

    Nobody is breaking any bones… Then you cannot shecht them. Ask the shoichet how many broken bones!! Please visit a kosher slaughterhouse and you will see how the chickens are handled by pros and you will notice how hardy chickens are and how they don not have held as if they are made ftom glass!!!

  10. to #9: That’s a terrific idea, but are you willing to clean up the mess in your school auditorium or shul after the chickens are all gone? Anyone who’s been to kapparos knows what the chickens leave behind, and feathers are the least of the problem!
    so while it sounds like a great solution, it’s not that practical.

  11. To #13 – sure I have been to kaporas and I have also been in a chicken shlacht house many times so I know what a mess is made. However we have to do something to stop giving those who have no idea of what minhogei kodesh are the opprotunity to attack us and cause undoubted hatred of us. We cannot simply close our eyes to the outside world. Instead of each chicken costing $X it might cost one and a half times as much if inside facilities were used. Seems to me that is reasonabel. The alternative is for the animal rights people to pursue us relentlessly until they get their way and have kaporas banned. When all is said and done the YouTube film is not a kiddush hashem. Who did the heimishe Yid who threw the box think he was – the Iraqi journalist who threw his shoes at President Bush? And yes the chickens were being kept, as they usually are, in cages without water and, in this case, also under the blazing sun. Even in Yerushalayim this year the Municipal Veterinary Service has clamped down severely and is not permitting every entrepreneur to open his own kaporos stand; everything is being centralized.

  12. Avrohom, well said: I’m curious if anyone would actually take your advice. Seriously!

    It’s scary what PETA could do to us. After all we live in galus and a story like this reminds us that we still have to be cautious.

  13. PETA are the same people who said they were mesupak if one should save a baby over a snake – their leader also said that arafat as wrong for using innocent donkeys to bring his bombs to israel, rather, he should of course use willing people! she also condones violence to achieve her atheistic goals – she’s also a soneh yisroel who wants to ban shechita(and all meat-eating) – I think when we start being mekayam mechias amalek, she’ll be up there on the list – we’re supposed to listen to these anti-g-d freaks about how to keep our minhagim?!?! tzar balei chaim is an issur deoraysoh according to most poskim, and we for sure need to step up standards..but at the behest of these freaks? i think not!

  14. i bet her grandfather was one of the ‘basar basar’ types back in the lower east side – or maybe he too, was a vegatarian, and shechted brocolli sprouts?

  15. people like that woman will surely have what to answer for when Moshiach comes. I won’t elaborate further.

    Also, she must really be fooling herself into thinking that kosher butchers don’t hold of killing chickens, or that they treat them, like #12 said, glass.

    (Maskim, the box throwing was a bad idea.)

  16. She got the silly video she wanted, whoo-peeh-doo-dah. LOL! Why did the Boro Park chicken cross the road? To get away from the PETA fruitcake with the video camera!


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