Video: Anthony Weiner Nostalgic About Experience As ‘Lantzman’ At Jewish Fundraiser In Zakheim Home in Flatbush

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anthony-weiner[Video below.] Anthony Weiner continued his charm offensive to the Orthodox Jewish community Tuesday night at a fundraiser in Flatbush, Brooklyn.

“When I come here today, I’m not the scraping newcomer. I have been around for a while,” Mr. Weiner told the attendees at the home of Moshe Zakheim. “I like being the underdog, although it is getting harder and harder being the underdog when the polls show us leading. But when I come and see many of you, I realize this is why I was called to be in this profession. I like things like this. I like hearing people talk about the ideas that I have… This is what gets me going.”

Admitting he’s not the typical savvy technocrat, rather a problem talker – a bully pulpit and an advocate on the issues that matter – to take on the fight that will lead him to solve the problems that have occurred over the years, Mr. Wiener said, “I am not someone… that if you left me in your business for a few weeks I’d probably drive it in to the ground, but I have a deep and abiding sense of the notion that if government is being done right and politics is being done right, its taking the enormous energy people have to do good things in trying to figure out a way to connect to dots.”

Mr. Weiner was nostalgic about his experience in the city council, the fights he took on and his deep ties to the Jewish community. “That experience to me, having the opportunity learning about the issues… made me a lifelong devotee of the things that no one does. It’s in my veins. It is part of who I am as a political figure.”

“I have to say, I think it is going to make me a better man because of it. I don’t have to be introduced to the people of Flatbush or hear about the new facilities and services in a briefing paper. I don’t have to have a protest outside my office to understand the issues that are important. It is something that’s inside me,” he added.

“If G-d willing I become mayor, with all of your help and help of other people, I can’t promise you that every day at City Hall you’re going to say ‘Wow! That guy is a genius.’ There’s going to be times you’re going to say ‘he’s a —-. I can’t believe what he’s doing. He’s going to raise our taxes. What is he doing?’ etc. There may be those moments. But I think that what you will also see is that because I am here now, because I’ve been around for so long, because we’ve gotten to know each other so well, you literally will have a ‘lantzman‘ (countryman) at City Hall. You will have someone that understands your ideals and values. I think, in the final analysis, that’s what government should be about,” Mr. Weiner concluded his opening remarks.



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  1. I would slightly rearrange the opening sentence: The offensive Anthony Weiner continued his charm to the Orthodox Jewish community Tuesday night at a fundraiser in Flatbush, Brooklyn.

  2. How can someone with such a disconnect between moyekh and lev, be so articulate and informed. All I can think of is tyvveh for malchus b’haymos. Congratulations to the gvurim of Flatbush. I’d be terrified to pass him on the sidewalk. Would I vote for him? He’s more informed and ambitious that his peer b’hamos, and maybe voting isn’t the same as t’vilah. Is voting haskama? This whole biz makes me afraid to vote.


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