Video: ArtScroll Releases New Siddur


artscroll-siddur[Video below.] For a generation, the original ArtScroll Siddur has been perhaps the most popular siddur of choice across the English-speaking world. Now – for a new generation – the new, expanded ArtScroll Siddur inaugurates a new era of excellence, beauty, user friendliness, and added features. And with same classic ArtScroll “look” and page numbers, it enables kehillos and families to retain the original ArtScroll Siddur while upgrading to the Siddur that will be the standard for the next generation.

The new Siddur is part of the ArtScroll revolution conceived by Rav Meir Zlotowitz, whose efforts have changed the face of Orthodox Jewish publishing and the Jewish world over the past three decades.

The new Siddur has been revised and completely re-typeset, and, thanks to new fonts and state-of-the-art technique and technology, the type is larger and clearer, yet the page size remains the same.

Here are some of its more than 100 pages of new additional features:

An original new Overview
Yom Kippur Kattan
Megillas Esther, Rus and Koheles
Perek Shirah
Six Constant Mitzvos
Iggeres HaRamban
Tefillah of the Sh’lah
Tefillos at Mekomos Hakedoshim in Israel
A new special section: The Laws, Customs, and Tefillos in Eretz Yisroel

Click below for a video featuring Rav Nosson Scherman of ArtScroll, who discusses the new Wasserman Edition of the ArtScroll Siddur.

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  1. Rabbi Zlotowitz is one of the most amazing people we have in Klal Yisroel. His Sechar waiting him after 120 is simply unimaginable. Millions of Teffilos, Millions of Blatt Gemora, millions of inspirational stories, millions of Halochos and hundreds of thousands of people who are learning more, Davening better, becoming more Frum and doing more Chasodim – all to his Cheshbon. His direct impact on Klal Yisroel in our generation is not possible to fully comprehend.

    On top of all this, I know him personally and if you do as well you will agree that he is such a warm, nice wonderful and great person to know and have as a friend. A great smile, loves a good joke, makes you feel special whenever you talk to him. He is so genuine and real. A truly beautiful neshoma.

  2. The font in the new Siddur is larger but still not good

    All other publishers use basically the same easy to read font but you are different.

    David Kwiat


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