Video: Avi Weiss’ Shul Hosts MLK Day Concert with Green Pastures Baptist Church Choir

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UntitledYesterday, the shul in Riverdale headed by Avi Weiss, the founder of the Open Orthodox Yeshivat Chovevei Torah and the promoter of Open Orthodox thought and the ordination of women, held its Annual Martin Luther King Jr. Day Concert featuring Reverend Roger Hambrick, The Green Pastures Baptist Choirthe Green Pastures Baptist Church Choir and the SAR High School Choir.

In the actual shul sanctuary, a co-ed choir sang songs as the mixed audience clapped along.

Watch the following with caution. It is being shown here only for people to realize the threat that Weiss and his cohorts pose to normative Orthodoxy.


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  1. He should rename his yeshiva to “Yeshiva Ovrei Aveira”!
    And instead of calling his women rabbis ” rabba “, they should be called ” Rasha “!

  2. let me see if i have this straight. you’re advising “viewer discretion” when watching this due to “kol isha”, right? a hypothetical question, if you don’t mind. ould (at least, i hope you would!)! so why on earth would you air a video with “kol isha”??
    i always thought “matzav” was a “torahdige” website. i’m beginning to realize that it ain’t necessarily so. what is this world coming to??

  3. Why exactly is this relevant to a frum website such as Matzav & it’s readership.
    Disgusting beyond; al eileh ani bochia,,,,,,,,,

  4. Why exactly is this pertinent to a frum website such as Matzav & it’s readership?!
    Disgusting beyond words; al Eileh ani bochia,,,,,,,,

  5. Please don’t call it a shul. Halachicly it has a din of bais haminim(as per kol koireh ) so one may not enter it ….rather go into a church see mes shabbos

  6. Wow this is nuts. So sad. Tremendous embarrassment to the shul. What a crazy and confusing education for those high school kids…. iyh they should all do teshuva

  7. Thank you for having the courage to show the oilam what the threat is from these people who call themselves orthodox and how far they really are.

  8. How precious to the RBSH to see his children singing together in peace, love and harmony. May we truly see this everywhere in the world. What an unbelievable kiddush hashem.

  9. Matzav is doing a great service by being the only outlet to reveal the avoidah zarah of open orthodoxy and this sham event that is a chillul hashem deoraisa.

  10. #27 and wouldn’t it be a greater Kiddish Hashem if we become all Chtris… (sic)and all Hasems children worship same(sic)
    To editors of Matzav…I don’t think you should allow such posters as #27. You have a great responsibility of ‘shama asu lamshichay absrei’ .Most people reading are not so strong in emunah and….Remember ,by the riboni shel oilom you don’t have free speech no matter what the US constitution says. If someone becomes influenced because of what some poster posts your a goirom.

  11. Nothing wrong with an educational program about MLK, but I have to wonder if the Baptist church choir performance isn’t better attended than daily minyanim there.

  12. #27. Anon. If your the same Anon that we see your posts on other torah news sites, this post proves beyond shadow of doubt what koifer you are. And to call this’ KIDDISH HASHEM’?! (SIC, SIC) You are pure and simple acknowledging avoa zarah

  13. That was a beautiful program. Thank you for posting the video. I look forward to seeing more of the positive things that Avi Weiss and his shul are doing for his community and the Jewish community at large. What a beautiful kiddish Hashem. Kol Hakavod.

  14. Since you are providing videos of non Jewish celebrations (open orhtodoxy is not Jewry any more than reform or conservative is) you should show the St. Patrick Cathedral celebration as well as the Ebenezer Baptist Church celebration. You should also look for some Mosque celebration but you probably won’t find one.

    Yanklowitz of OO is probably not Jewish since his conversion was done without kabolas mitzvos since he doesn’t accept the Torah Shbaal Peh.

  15. While I appreciate the motive, I do not see how there could be any halachic justification for having trinitarians praise their Lord in your synagogue, or indeed causing them to do so altogether. I have to agree with those who wonder why this belongs on any more than any Conservative service would.

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