Video: ‘Be Careful Bernie’: Trump Threatens To Send Supporters To Sanders Rallies

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Republican frontrunner Donald Trump threatened today to send his supporters to infiltrate the campaign rallies of Democratic hopeful Bernie Sanders, whom Trump continued to insist was behind disruptions at his events.

“Bernie Sanders is lying when he says his disruptors aren’t told to go to my events,” Trump said on Twitter. “Be careful Bernie, or my supporters will go to yours!”

Trump said during an appearance Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union” that he didn’t consider his post on social media to be a threat. He repeated his charge that Sanders had lied when he said his campaign wasn’t behind an influx of protesters that led to the cancellation of Trump’s planned rally in Chicago on Friday, where violence spilled onto the streets.

Appearing later on the same program, Sanders said Trump was the liar.

“This man cannot stop lying,” the senator from Vermont said.

Sanders said he has many supporters, and while some may attend Trump events as a form of peaceful protest, they are not doing so at his direction.

“I would hope my supporters will not disrupt meetings,” Sanders said. “We have millions of supporters, and people do things. But it was not our campaign.”

He blamed Trump for creating the environment that has led to violence at his rallies.

“This a man who keeps implying violence, and then you end up getting what you see,” Sanders said.

During his appearance, Trump predicted that if his supporters come to Sanders events, they would be treated badly.

“They’d be arrested and all sorts of things would happen to them,” Trump said.


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  1. Mania.

    This Mr. Trump is as bad as Hitler. Instead of Brownshirts, he has yellowshirts.

    The Trump supporter is violent in his anger, has no value for human society and wants to become a thug.

    The idea that Trump would act to reciprocate for the Democrat protest by sending his own thug army against the other candidate is a terrorist value system by which a hate can clearly be seen.

    Trump is a terrorist value of hate and the world can begin to know his terror by just things like this idea that he can send others to make the same terror session for another candidate.

    Are not we above bullying and hate? This is clearly listening to no value of human voice or hope.

    Terrible story folks. I can only think that the Trump Yellowshirts will mean business against Bernie Sanders. The Brownshirts of Hitler, ym’s were not friendly sort and neither can a yellowshirt.

    They are cowards.

    This election is going exactly as you would expect with a negative candidate who has such hate for the human feeling of safer democracy.

    Punch us in the face Mr. Trump, shoot us on Fifth Avenue; the world will clearly see what a nazi-like manner you have in your values and hopefully no one intelligent in our nation will consider you a candidate to vote into office.

    Scary scary scary. This is exactly what one could see this campaign becoming.

    Hate your neighbor before he discusses your carefully planned scheme of hate. Simple idea. And no one thinks you could do wrong huh?

    We are all polarized in hate today and let us think that the hate is not hypnotic in its terrible thought. It was for Hitler.

    May G-d help us into a better future.

    G-d bless America.


  2. It says something when someone named “anonymous” wants to call Trump as Hitler, y”s. If there are any Trump supporters who are violent in their anger and has no value for human society and wants to be a thug they are few and far between.
    If you believe that the supporters would be a “thug army” than you are delusional. Just look at the protestors at those rallys to see who has such venomous and vitriolic hate.
    I submit YOU are one of those protestors. Your remarks spill of your own hate towards those supporters.
    My observation is that the hatred for Trump is based upon his exuberant, optimistic self confidence. Some people simply cannot believe that anyone can be that self-confident. It is that confidence that gets things done.
    Is Trump’s proposal that America be a great nation something that is such a great negative. It is only a negative to those who really despise this country and that began with the hippie drug culture of the 60’s.

  3. Double standard. The DEMOCRATS can get away with disruption and violence. The media only encourages such behavior. If a Republican does the same thing, the media goes wild, portraying them as evil white mean spirited racist boores.

  4. Cool It!
    America is messed up!

    Is that Trump’s fault?!

    He happens to be the one who all these are coalescing around

    Those who sow the wind will reap the whirlwind!

    Once you pull out the moral base of a people..what else is do you assume is bound to happen?

  5. To sharbano-

    Do I have to wait until Trump is in office and may do the worst given the psychological profile he has that is very comparable to the psychological profiles of other megalomaniacs in the past? Curious. Do you think we should be sitting in our homes and not worried about war and hate in America?

    It is no surprise others discuss his megalomania and the idea that he might do anything of any comparable nature to the world is very scary. I can not think I can just beg and wait for the Trump followers to design a hate future for me, my family, and my country.

    Seriously, you are that broken that you do not take the lessons of the 2nd World War and make sure it does not happen again. Any jew can see this is a very consequential scared time.

    I would not say at all he is the same man, but the reality is that his hate speech is indeed hate speech. No announcements against my people per se today but it is hate towards Muslims and immigrants. Do not think he is ready to deal well with any direct threat to his inner regressed self-hate thought.

    Be afraid and scared.

    This man can not lead a nation and can not lead tomorrow.

    And if Hitler’s (ym’s) war memory is invoked, heed the conversation. The L-rd might have helped it be designed to make sure that we can indeed not only say Never Again but also HAVE Never Again against a holocaust and a terrible war that should not happen.

    Trump is not a friend of The Democracy we Must Enjoy.

    G-d is True.

  6. Sharbano-

    I can see you are factoring no expression of Mr. Trumps push and shove and hate conditions of human regulation into your idea of “exuberant, optimistic self-confidence”. A man with a punching arm is often exuberant and optimistic and self-confident about the welt he can leave in your forehead. Can you honestly think that a man such as Trump has self-confidence other than the ability to get in front of the mayhem he created himself and share his own anecdotes of hate and anger for a nation that is Already Very Great? Does that not discount all the work that was good for hundreds of years?

    Make no discerning limit on your conditioned aggressive response to this mans Angry Self-Tempered Hate. He is not an optimist looking for peace and prosperity. The exuberance is his fist waiting to bump off the next man. Not a voting mood looking for rightful democratic example.

    This man is not a man to safely look at for any political office and there are many who are rightfully in fear today just thinking he could be our President at any length?

    We should be terrified. And we are.


  7. A lot of conjecture with little substance.
    Hate is imagined by those who have an agenda. It’s much like the Field’s story. There is more evidence now, in video, that the accusation is untrue. People were using a picture when the video proves differently.


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