Video: Beautiful Kumzitz at Kever Rochel with Yisroel Wulliger

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  1. Let Rachel’s Children/Bnei Rachel Imeinu return to our holy borders without evil and corruption, with truth, justice and the good ideology. Rachel’s Children Reclamation Foundation 1995-2016

  2. Let Rachel’s Children/ bnei Rachel Imeinu return to their holy borders with truth, justice and the good ideology. Truth, justice, and moral correctness fix the world. Rachel’s Children Reclamation Foundation 1995-2916, Majority owner of Beit Bnei Rachel with $613,000 / 900,000 purchase money. Let there be “moral correctness”, the end of covetry, evil and terrorism. Let there be true love, shira and charity. Thank you Yisroel and your sweet melodies.


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