Video: Benny Friedman Sings National Anthem at Barclays in Brooklyn

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benny-friedman[Video below.] Tuesday night, it was Jewish Heritage Night at the new Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York.

19,000 spectators gave the loudest standing ovation of the night to Benny Friedman for his stellar national anthem rendition, as well as to the Maccabeats for their halftime Chanukah performance.

Visible from every corner of the arena and captured on the giant screens was a large menorah, lit by Elias Rosner from Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey.

Signaling the beginning of the game, Chanukah messages were delivered by Rabbi Shimon Hecht and Maddie Rosen from Teaneck, New Jersey.

Click below to watch and listen to Benny Friedman singing the National Anthem:

[media id=1743 width=400 height=300]

Here is another video of Benny, from a different angle:

[media id=1742 width=400 height=300]

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  1. How ironic is it, that on the day we are supposed to send a message that the yevanim lost, there are people doing the exact opposite by trying to cozy up to the yevanim. Why are there those that feel the need to do that?

  2. Cozy up to the yevanim?
    did the Brooklyn Nets say to us to stop learning torah and stop doing Rosh Chodesh and Shaboss and Bris?

    He did a beautifull job,

  3. Don’t agree. It’s not about cozying up It’s about bringing the lights and miracles of Chanukah to a crown that mostly know nothing about it.
    It’s very difficult to reach out to an assimilated Jewish child (or adult) and try to make Chanukah more charismatic than the plethora of December 25 in every corner.

    This is about Jewish pride and identification

  4. To #1, 4, 5, 6,and 7,

    If everyone had your outlook, c”V, there wouldn’t be shluchim (Chabad and non-Chabad)bringing the beauty of Yiddishkeit to non-observant Jews. Moshiach is very near, and our job right now is to be concerned for every Jew even if it means to leave our daled amos and reach out to others. This is what Chanukah is all about.


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