Video: Bernie Confirms His Shameful, Skewed Stance On Israel in Debate with Hillary

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  1. Bernie is a self-hating anti-Semitic lunatic. That’s why Jewish Democrats are voting for Hillary in the primaries.

    The general election is a different story. All Jews should vote for the Cruz-Rubio ticket.

  2. You call Sanders’s position vis-a-vis Israel “Shameful” and “Skewed” which is quite correct. However, you omitted “Ignorant”, which would have been equally correct.
    Bernie called Israel’s 2014 response to Hamas’s murder of three hitchhiking teenage students, Hamas’s rocket attacks at Israeli cities and Hamas’s cross-border invasion tunnels “Disproportionate”, and gave a casualty count that was off by more than 85%. Even when corrected, he stands by his “Disproportionate” comment. FWIW, I doubt he even knows what “disproportionate” means in this context – it doesn’t refer to the number or ration of casualties, it refers to the amount of force needed to accomplish the military objective.
    Bernie has been exposed as a know-nothing ignoramus who rails against whatever the far-left opposes, while being totally clueless as to the facts. What would it take for me to vote for a boor like Trump in November? Bernie as the Democratic nominee. Thank G-d this buffoon has no realistic chance of becoming President.


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