Video: Bernie Sanders at Tonight’s Debate: “I Am Very Proud to Be Jewish”

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  1. Proud to be jewish…. Holocaust remembered by attending events at Liberty university on Rosh Hashana…. Intermarriage… Likely treif enjoyment if it is not known that he even knows a kosher bird or lamb.

    Still, give him credit. He can still have jewish humor. I hope it is not always himself as the punchline.

    This guy needs a yeshiva look for a better day. Where is the kippah and beard and where is the good mood of Israel.

    Cozying up with the Chabad is not the jewish stone throw to success. He is too gay and polite to make the difference in a war of real condition and constitutional scared hope. Hillary is the only one that seems halfway there and that is only by default.

    This is a very unfortunate year.

    First jew in the Oval office should have a kosher white house. G-d is real. How can you call on anyone else?


      • Mitt Romney had better grammar than you had in this silly little sentence. Maybe your school days were too much looking out the window. Something did not stick.


  2. He’s so proud to be a Jew that he married a non-Jew and gave a speech at a Xtian college on Rosh Hashanah.

  3. Are these critics just off the boat? They seem to have no idea of the factors that loosened or destroyed the connection of most USA Jews from serious sh’mirah. I wonder if Sanders doesn’t have a slight edge in s’deq tirdof.


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