Video: Bernie Sanders Plays Rabbi in Film

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Politician, writer, musician. And actor – as a rabbi.

Democrat presidential candidate Bernie Sanders’ back catalog might be the most eclectic in this or any other modern presidential race. Today, thanks to the web sleuths, we get to see Sanders in the role of Rabbi Manny Shevitz (get it?) from a 1999 film.

Speaking to those assembled for the wedding, Sanders’ rabbi character gets sidetracked as the befuddled guests look on. He complains about the Dodgers leaving Brooklyn – where the real Sanders was born – and then starts in on the ills of free agency in baseballasking, “Two million dollars here, they spend $12 million there. What’s so free about that free agency?”

“I remember when the Dodgers played the Yankees, and you bought a ticket — that ticket was good for ten years,” Shevitz laments with increasing incoherence. “Now you go to the stadium and you look out on the field: You see the Red Sox, the Orioles, the Cleveland Indians, but you don’t see the Yankees versus the Red Sox.”


{CB Newscenter}


  1. Bernie’s rabbinate is like a chocolate surprise for the toy store that has no child’s play. The anticapitalism of this guy is so bad that even the Torah bells can see a faced future where they may never be shiny.

    Silly to think this guy has even come close to religion. Talking to the christian Liberty University on Rosh Hashana was the cake that has no good icing for his worth in my feelings as a ram horn interest for Israel.

    Give this guy a flavored cigar. He might just need a new friend some day and if he does not really think he can last it out, Hillary is going to be more like the working eagle that takes New York.

    Bernie puts his tallis on with a wax ear.

    Stop the anti-capitalist regression. Vote Hillary.



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