Video: Bill Maher Compares Donald Trump to Hitler

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  1. There is nothing funny about this. I wonder if the people who were up in arms about Holocuast remarks will be up in arms the same way. Mocking the Holocuast and making light of the monster that orchestrated it.

  2. no – mocking the monster that wants to run our country. The guy is an absolute maniac & I wouldn’t put anything past him. H e is not Pro Israel at all. Dump Trump

  3. Joyous. The fatherland has not yet seen enough of Donald Trump huh? Still, it is an offensive video, but I did get to see for the first time Hitler’s phoenetics. He was a total murderer waiting to discuss the whole idea with his own grave faster than …. This is scary. Trump is still a concern. Lets elect a better value in America. Clinton seems sure.


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