Video: Bobover Rebbe 45 Plans a Trip with Donors to Town Bobov in Poland

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The Bobover Rebbe 45 plans a trip with a group of Donors in September of 2019 to the Town Bobowa in Poland, the Rebbe will stay for Shabbos Parshas Ki Seitzei in the City of Krenitz at a 5-Star Hotel, where the Rebbe will conduct Tefilos and Tish.

Sunday the Rebbe will go pray in the Old Historic Bobover Shul where his grandfather the Bal Kedishas Zion of Bobov Hy”d prayed and lead his chasidim before the Holocaust, the Rebbe will also conduct in the Shul a Tish, and then will go pray at the Kever of the First Bobover Rebbe the Bal Ateres Shlomo Zt”l.

A Special Sefer is being printed in honor of the trip about the Kedishas Zion of Bobov which will feature stories and pictures of the Rebbe Zt”l visits to the City of Krenitz before the Holocaust.

The trip to Poland will be exclusively for Donors from New York, London and Israel, every donor will be able to bring along with him one guest, the trip will include First Class Tickets, 5-Star Hotels, Couch Buses, Catered Meals, Snacks and Drinks.

The trip is being named “Ledorosom” to continue the Chinuch for the Doros of children, and all proceeds of the trip will go for the Construction of New Yeshiva Building in Boro Park that the Bobover Mosdos 45 Purchased on July 11th 2019 as reported on Matzav:

The Construction in the Building has already started, and the estimated date for completion is for Elul 2020, the Building is currently 4 floors, and with help of Local Politicians, the Zoning Board and DOB approved to build up additional 4 floors, the Building will be 8 stories high after construction completion.

The building that is located on the corner of 15th Ave. and 41st Street, the Former Munkatch School, The contract price was $11 Million, The kehilah estimates it will cost them an additional $11 Million for renovations, a Project of $22 Million Dollars after construction is completed. Included in the plans is the construction of an additional 4 floors, a Total of 52,379 Sq-Ft which will be used for Classrooms, 2 Lunchrooms, 19 Rooms for tutoring, 17 Offices for staff, 1 Swimming Pool for the summer.

After the construction will be completed in Elul of 2020 for the opening of 2020-2021 school year, a big dedication ceremony will be made in the New Boys School Building, similar to what Bobov 45 made for the rededication of the massive 150,000 square ft. Girls School Building in Boro Park, as reported on  Matzav:



  1. My grandfather is against going back to poland, he says the earth is soaked with jewish blood, what do the bobover holocaust survivors say ?

  2. “his grandfather the Bal Kedishas Zion of Bobov Hy”d”
    The Kedishas Tziyon was NOT his grandfather. He was his wife’s grandfather.


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