Video: Boy Asks Obama, “Why Does Everyone Hate You?”

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obama-boy[Video below.] President Barack Obama fielded some tough questions from a town hall crowd in New Orleans today, but none as harsh as the final query of the day. “Why does everyone hate you?” asked nine-year-old Tyren Scott. Tyren, a fourth-grader at Paulina Elementary School in Paulina, La., then said that he loves Obama. “That’s what I’m talking about!” the president said, laughing. Then he ventured a good-natured explanation for why others might not share Tyren’s goodwill.

“If you’re watching TV lately it seems like everybody’s just getting mad all the time,” he told the boy.

“People just, I think they’re worried about their own lives,” including losing their jobs and homes due to the recession, he said. “They’re feeling frustrated, and when you’re the president of the United States you’ve gotta deal with all that…that’s right,” he said to applause and laughter.

“You’re gonna get some of the blame and that’s part of the job.”

To watch a video of the exchange, click below:

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{Wall Street Journal/Noam Newscenter}


  1. Sounds to me like the story of the emperour who had a invisible garment sewn for him, but didn’t wake up from his stupior until a small child asked,”why does the emperoir have no clothes on him?”

  2. why when he is in New Orleans does he speak with a African-American accent?? When he speaks in Washington he speaks like a white man! Which one is fake?????

  3. Wow, some real idiots posting comments. Seriously, are all right wingers completely stupid?

    Half of you clearly didn’t even read the story before posting based on your responses.

    Try educating yourselves before trying to make an impact on the direction our country is heading.

  4. Answering passionate commentator #7: No, not all right wingers are completely stupid (as not all liberals are ve-e-ery sma-a-art). Some of them even had lived in former soviet paradise and simply sense such chip propaganda tricks because what you and your educated crowd just read in “1984” for me was a reality – thats why I wanted to puke watching that (not to say about “real presidential style” of talking to the boychik!)

  5. Really? Do we really have to call it propaganda and communism again? I mean I particularly don’t like Obama and I’m a libertarian. But that doesn’t mean I go bashing him every step of the way. Especially when he’s trying to not demonize opponents and sending a good message to the kid: perseverance. This is why I hate political parties. What you people are saying would make sense if that kid had no real leanings in the first place. Then you can call it indoctrination or whathaveyou. But for now, it’s grossly unfounded!


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