Video: Building Mikvaos Across America


mikvah[Video below.] There is an expression that has entered the American lexicon. It goes something like this: “If you build it, they will come. Perhaps there is no more appropriate application of this expression than the reality that exists when generous donors sponsor the building or rehabilitation of a Mikvah.If you build it or renovate it – they really do come.

Just ask Rabbi Baruch Cywiak, the director of Mikvah USA. For the past four years, Mikvah USA has been sponsoring the building of Mikvaos across the nation. And after these remarkable fonts of holiness are erected – people come. And in droves.

The Mikvah has spiritually elevated the Jewish soul for centuries. And for the past four years Mikvah USA has sought to bring that special gift to Jewish communities across the nation.

Click below for an interview with Rabbi Cywiak about what this special organization has done:

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  1. why dont they thank R YIRMIYAHU KATZ who flys all over the world to help build and guild the building of these mikvahos and who has to keep up constantly with the kashrus?????

  2. I appreciate the dedication, warmth, workmanship, and wholeheartedness of Rabbi Baruch Cywiak, and I wish him well in every project.


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