Video: Car Hit and Flipped By Wrecking Ball in NYC

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wrecking-ball[Video below.] In this fascinating but frightening video clip taken by a passerby, a Dodge minivan that drove by a construction zone in Manhattan is seen being accidentally hit and flipped over by a wrecking  ball. Onlookers watched in horror as the vehicle turned over.

Thankfully, the driver escaped with minor injuries. The car was all but totaled.

Click below to watch. You’ll want to watch this one twice:

[media id=343 width=400 height=300]

{Noam Newscenter}


  1. A real wrecking ball that size is so much heavier than the car that it would not have just stopped like that when it hit the car. This one is just a hollow metal ball. I also doubt that a crane like could even lift and swing a solid ball that size without flipping over.

  2. How comes this was videoed JUST at that moment? I never saw this on the news anywhere. I would like to know whether this was genuine.

  3. i think its fake cuz the road doesnt even look blocked off, there are people walking on the sidewalk in the wrecking balls path. unless sum1 hopped in and had fun. but i cant find it anywhere on the news

  4. It’s true. You can hear cut and you see a camaraman on the left side of the sreen. there people walking to the accident and a camaraman standing still and giving his camera to his assistent


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