Video: CNN Anchor Passes Out on Live TV This Morning

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cnnCNN anchor Poppy Harlow passed out this morning mid-broadcast, while reporting on the fight against ISIS terrorists.

Following an interview with fellow CNN presenter Becky Anderson, Harlow’s speech slurred and slowed down before she stopped talking altogether and the cameras cut to commercial. She later returned to the air and explained that she had experienced a brief syncopic episode and had recovered.


Read more at Mediaite.

{Andy Newscenter}


  1. I did not and will not watch the video. Why would Matzav, thee torah website, show a human being during very embarrassing time??? Did you ask her rishus? Do you think she wants the whole world to see her under these circumstances? Are you rejoicing by yenems tzaros? Go ahead and block my comment. Show how mature you really are.

  2. Exactly! I agree with comment #1. Unless one is a neurologist, neurosurgeon, or at the very least a MD, the rest of us has no business watching.


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