Video: Comedian Moshe Kasher’s Disgraceful Mocking of Chassidim – “Fat Amish-Bearded Penguins”

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moshe-kasher[Video below.] Moshe Kasher is a Jewish American stand-up comedian, writer and actor based in the Los Angeles area. Born in 1979, Kasher moved to Oakland, California from New York City with his mother and brother while he was still a baby. His father later became a Satmar chossid and resided in Seagate, Brooklyn.

Kasher is a troubled individual, as indicated by his recent interview on the Conan O’Brien Show, where he mocked Orthodox Jews and Chassidim in particular.

In his autobiography, “Kasher in the Rye: The True Tale of a White Boy from Oakland Who Became a Drug Addict, Criminal, Mental Patient, and Then Turned 16,” Kasher wrote about having been moved in and out of mental institutions from the age of 4 and using drugs from the ages of 12 to 16.

Click below to watch Kasher’s disgusting comments:

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  1. And you post this because??? Please stick with “normal” uplifting news that is appropriate to the audience you are targeting.

    Going with sensationalism, just because it will generate a “buzz” and perhaps more readership will make no better than some other websites that we choose Matzav over.


  2. *THIS* is what you’re worried about? Consider the source, and don’t even think about the audience. Is this really going to hurt our image? I think our inner tzurah is more important than the outer image portrayed by some burned-out, bitter drug addict who’ll say anything just for a joke. Who really cares?

  3. glad you posted it
    because the rest of the media is in cover up mode and won’t expose the types of things that are being said behind our backs.
    forward this video to everyone you know
    it is time to emerge from our slumber

  4. Can you give ONE reasonable excuse why you give publicity to such people and their views? Is it not enough that such an individual received loads of feedback and attention from the goyishe media? It is our business to IGNORE them!

  5. Why bother giving this nebach case unnecessary attention?

    Moshe was raised in weird circumstances. Due to his parents divorce, he lived with his “atheist hippie” mother, and never had a “bar mitzvah”/

    His brother went to YCT

    May Hashem help them both find a path back to Him and His Torah.

  6. Don’t see much positive to be gained from seeing/hearing such bittul/zilzulfrom this unfortunate yid. It should be beneath your standards.

  7. This guy could be funny if he’d stick to normal topics. Why throw his fellow jews under the bus?

    I thinkw e shoul;d all watch the video so we can see how far one can fall

    and lets try to be mkarev him

  8. This idiot is apparently a Jew-hater and is at war against his father, Judaism and G-D. He really needs therapy. What bothers most is that there seems to be quite a few of these renegades within our people lately and they seem to be coming out of the woodwork, but why do they advertise to the world their insanity. This makes their sin even worse!

  9. Thank you for posting this
    It is important
    Whoever doesn’t like it doesn’t have to watch
    but it is important to know what people are saying

  10. i agree to please stick with “normal” uplifting news. However, I will say about him:
    he either has boundary issues (doesnt know where to stop, re: insulting his own fellow Jews and/or, he is just one of those who need to get where they are going so quickly that they will do anything to get material. In which case, he does not have a permanent future in his field. If he can’t be clever enough to come up with real comedy, than he is really not creative and talented enough anyway. In which case, he has a dubious future in this area. A character weakness is apparent here, which cheapens his act.
    You don’t step on your own kind, even if there are faults.
    It is indeed shameful and disgraceful to cash in on the weaknesses of your own kind, or for any of mankind, and expect to use that to step up in one’s “profession”.

  11. He is self-admittedly psychologically ill. That sickness is an advantage in his chosen profession [entertainer for a sick society], but in a bes din, it would serve as a mitigating factor.

    Don’t get worked up over the statements of a shoteh.

    The Ribbono Shel Olam can measure precisely the crookedness of this person soul and how to react. I prefer to focus on getting ready for Pesach.

  12. another seinfeld
    why is it that every non religious jewish comedian thinks oh ok to character Assassinate religious jews.

  13. he’s a jerk…
    why, why Matzav are you stooping to the lowest level of the other sensationalist webs; highly disappointed in you……..

  14. A shame you give this poor lost guy exposure. After all he is Jewish, has a tremendous selfhate, projects that on others and needs urgent professional help. However this kind of content does not befit a frum website.

  15. BS”D


    Some of your work- actually most of your work is excellent yet this is appalling.

    You take a man who suffered terribly- it sounds like for the majority of his days and then exploit him – opening up a cheap discussion in which people can call him names and come to shallow judgments of comments he made out of pain?

    There was absolutely no good reason to post this “article” – with your actions prove him wrong. “Kill” his comments with love- Ahavas Yisrael and don’t indulge in petty judgments.

    Show him that a Jew exudes class, compassion and refinement. Don’t engage in the classless behavior of hurting him. Exude nbility by hurting FOR him.

    Chag Kosher V’Sameach

  16. If is is so horrible, why are you posting it with a video?
    It is as if you want people to watch it! And why is that… ?

  17. Writing such a thing is what is of disgust; his commnts were manifestation of PAIN. I agree with Sophisticated Thinker.

  18. Nebach! I have a great shidduch for him. Deborah ‘Surie’ Feldman would be perfect. They share the same hashkofos and both went public with their perverted views. They will burn together in the same section of gehinnom.

  19. Ok…it is insulting but Were not getting insulted by some this lost soul soul that is jealose and needs to mock us so he wont be so jealose…poor guy…

  20. He is a comedian. This doesn’t strike me as incredibly personal or even hateful. His story is not that he is another of these FFBs who went off, his father is a BT.

    While I daven that he finds hashem, torah umitzvos, this stuck me as “wrong” but not in an overly extreme sense, especially in the context of how he tackles many other topics. It’s just his sense of humor and style which is likely to come across as abrasive out of context.

  21. no big deal

    but who are the people paying to see this guy act like an infant on stage?

    Goodness gracious. How untalented

  22. So we are posting this story for the reason of:
    1. we think our rights are being violated?


    2. we want to give him publicity?

  23. Actually, I just watched the video. This guy is a joke, but he might just be the freak of the day. I am not sure that we are going to get an onslaught of hatred other than what truly exists so far in this world, but in reality, if this guy wants to talk about a chassidic community, he really just gives it a right to exist. Good for the future in some way huh?

  24. I do not think you should hate this fellow and I do not think you should pity him either. He is an idiot and of course, you should just laugh at him. He will make comedy his way and of course, he got some laughs. I really do not think this was anti-semitism, but it might help people warm up to a very closed community.
    Either way, this guy is probably doing what he may have been born to do and like it or not, someone was going to do and say this sometime.

  25. greta video, and funny, but nebach this guy is off his rocker and so so lost.
    may he find his way in life

  26. What do you expect to see when watching a moshav leitzim? They make fun of just about anything, so it is not just like they are picking on Chassidim.

  27. aza chutzpa and bizyoinois to put such a sheigetz oif aza choshuve website that so many yidden get their daas torah from. and whats gonna be with the little little kinderlach who look at this

  28. Dont think he realizes what effect he is having. He just want’s to get a joke is( This is readily apparent from the fact that he is not acting mournfully and bitter like Feldman, rather just mocking as someone would poke fun at oneself).

  29. It’s possible, that someone out there, just out of curiosity, will further investigate what Satmar is all about, and might yet become a Baal-Teshuvah!
    As the Posuk says; “MeAz Yotzho Mosok”

  30. I think everyone needs to calm down here. The guy is clearly funny, and he’s not mocking us out of spite or hate. Don’t be so sensitive and just take a chill guys.

  31. The common denominator in this people is that they use the name Satmar….what I read between the lines is that we should all become Satmar Chasidim! Would any of these people ever achieve anything if they did not have that in the background? the likes of these we have seen thru out history..they make their noise and the fall into oblivion the only thing that will survive him..will be the word Kosher!

  32. Volvi-um he obviosly dosent like us if hes mocking us i mean get real and you know i dont think theres anythung wrong with getting a little worked up…

  33. Oy, Rachmanus, protect your loved ones, we don’t want any more of these going on television to discolor minhagim and steriotypes with malicious slander. A lesson to be taken is the care each of us must have not to alienate our fellow juewish bretheren. Nebach.

  34. Funny. All comedians poke fun at themselves and other. If you can laugh at yourself you are healthy and happy. If this upsets you, than perhaps you have something to worry about.Hide?


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