Video: Congressman Weiner Goes Crazy During House Floor Address

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wiener[Video below.] The House floor is often boring and dull, with people speaking in monotone and putting other people to sleep, but not yesterday. The House floor was filled with anger and emotion after a bill was shot down that would have given health care benefits to the 9/11 rescue workers who have had health issues from the event.The tirade will live on as one of the few times we have seen people become out-of-control on the House floor.Democratic congressman Anthony Wiener went into a tirade in the House floor after the bill failed. The bill would have granted the 9/11 rescue workers health care benefits, but was shot down by Republicans. That was all it took for Weiner to become animated in a very heated argument with Republican Peter King. Weiner was yelling and screaming at the Republicans for their lack of support of the bill, and was arguing with King. The Democrats in the House were applauding Weiner’s tirade and ridiculing the Republicans for blocking the bill.

The Weiner incident is similar to other politicians who had memorably vocal moments in their respective chambers. Republican Congressman Joe Wilson from South Carolina had an angry outburst during President Obama’s health care address to Congress. Wilson shouted out after Obama said that the health care legislation would not provide free coverage for illegal immigrants. The Wilson outburst was spontaneous, and just goes to show that, even on the House floor, the debate can get out of hand. Wilson did call Obama later that night to apologize for the sudden outburst, but, by then, it was all over the news and radio stations. The outburst did not hurt Wilson in his campaign efforts, and it actually increased his campaign funding.

Weiner’s electoral and political prospects will actually look better because of this emotional tirade. When it comes to something important, such as providing relief for people involved in the terror attacks, it seems people are very supportive. These people who were the first-responders to the crisis put everything on the line during a situation they knew little about. Weiner showed a lot of emotion and heart in his tirade, and made a good point about how these people should be treated better. I think his tirade will increase his chances of getting political support because people will see a more personal side of him now. Weiner will have the same political gain as Wilson did for his outburst because it shows how these men feel about the issues on a personal level. Weiner will most likely apologize for his outburst, and he will be forgiven for his remarks. He will stand to gain a lot of political support for his outburst, since it was a spontaneous reaction to a heated political issue.

Click below to watch Weiner’s remarks:

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  1. it was all a sham the democrats only need a majority to pass bills in the congress they had more than that peter king voted for the bill the democrats when they put the bill up wanted two thirds for no other reason but to say republicans are against 9/11 first responders

  2. By mistake he took a triple dose of his pills. Why is it that to be a janitor you require drug testing, but there is no such requirement in order to serve in congress? It’s insane. We need drug testing now!

  3. I love it! I keep watching the video over and over again. I love the dramatics and i love the way he is so passionate. Its forsure one of the most exciting moments of the house.


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