Video: Dash Cam Clip Shows NYPD Officer Giving Frum Motorist Bogus Summonses

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A video that went viral on social media over the last 12 hours was accompanied by the following, written by the protagonist, who was driving in Brooklyn, NY, when he was pulled over by an NYPD officer and given three tickets.

The text has been edited slightly for easier reading:

“A cop pulled me over and said that I was pulled over for following a grey Honda too closely in the right lane and flashing my headlights at him, followed by a sudden lane change to the left lane.

“The cop held me for 15 minutes and then gave me three violations: 1) unsafe lane change, 2) speeding, and 3) following too closely.

“See the video below from my dash cam. You can see that I was in the same lane the entire time without flashing anyone or tailgating.

“The officer’s ID is 938857 and he is from the 72nd precinct. Please let’s stop the corruption and get this cop off the street.”


{ Newscenter}


  1. I don’t see any gray Honda, maybe that part happened before he exited the highway, before the beginning of the posted clip. Then the cop followed him off the highway. But he was definitely going 44 on Mcdonald Ave., look at the speed readout at the bottom of the video.

  2. Limaaseh, he WAS speeding. You can see on the dash cam that he was going 43. Thanx to DeBlasio, the speed limit is now 25. The other “violations”, i’m not sure about. The real question is, why was he listening to political talk radio instead of listening to a shiur?

    • I assume the question isn’t serious, but a person needs to be careful not to become a distracted driver, whether the distraction is a cell phone (even hands free), a ball game, talk show or even a geshmakeh shiur.

  3. Though I would rather the officer be 100% wrong, if you watch the MPH on the screen, the web cam shows the speed reaching 42 and 43 mph. The officer said he was going 44 mph – this is within reasonable margin of error. Therefore, this might be just 2 bogus tickets. The speeding looks to be accurate.

  4. where are the machers who told us to vote for deblasio (and got jobs and favors in his administration Answer they don’t care about you and me.


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