Video: Deri: We Don’t Have to Go Begging By the Ashkenazim

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deri[Video below.] Rabbi Aryeh Deri, former Shas chairman, was invited to speak at a conference marking a decade since the establishment of the Ohr Hamelech network of institutions in Elad, led by Rav M. Malka.

Rabbi Deri focused his remarks on the growth of the Eidot Hamizrach – Sefardic – community, stating that the Sefardim should raise their heads in pride.

“We have magnificent institutions such as those led by Rav Malka. We have excellent institutions throughout the country, and I do not understand why Sephardi bnei Torah have to degrade themselves all the time and beg for their lives to get into the institutions of the Ashkenazim,” said Rabbi Deri, receiving loud applause from the gathered crowd.

“I have been mekabel on myself that I will no longer help anyone who turns to me to help then get into their (Ashkenazic) institutions. We do not need this,” Deri said.” We need to stand tall…and know that we have the best chinuch institutions for boys and girls.”

Deri then listed the names of a variety of Sefardi yeshivos and schools and said, “If we wouldn’t lower ourselves, and we be proud of our heritage and our institutions, they would look at us and associate with us [with respect].”

Deri himself was educated in Ashkenazic mosdos.

Click below to watch a clip of Deri’s remarks:

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{Yair Israel}


  1. I believe only a Sephardic Israeli Religious Jew can understand and appreciate what R’ Deri just said above! They have lots of problemes there the Sepharadim not like in America!

  2. Deri is wrong to be differentiating between Sefardic and Ashkenazic Torah institutions. This is artificial. We are ALL Jewish. Period. No need to even bring up these false differences.

  3. He is making a very valid point he is not degrqading the ashkenazim. Just saying the sefardi bnei torah have quality institutions Staythere and it will be wonderful.

  4. Listen to what he is saying. He is not putting anyone down. There is a masoreth avos that must be perpetuated. I heard a speech from Rabbi Uri Zohar regarding the posuk -Al titosh Torah emaicha -that it is referring to the upbringing that came from the home. This is exactly the same as a Rebbe telling his chasidim to send their kids to their own mosdos. Kol Hakvod!!

  5. Agree with exact words of #5. Also don’t forget of the stories earlier this year of Sefardic girls not being accepted on Ashkenazi haredi schools. So he is just saying Sefardim should strenghten their institutions for the best interest of all Jewish community.


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