Video: Devastating Rubio Montage – Marco Repeats Same Rehearsed Line 5 Times

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By Jim Hoft

This was devastating.

FOX News put together a montage of Marco Rubio’s rehearsed Obama line at tonight’s GOP Debate.

Marco used the same rehearsed line about 5 times at debate.

Even after Governor Christie called him out on it he couldn’t stop repeating it.

It was like listening to a scratched record.

Marco the robot:

“Lets dispel this fiction that Barack Obama does not know what he’s doing. He knows exactly what he’s doing…



{ Newscenter}


  1. So??!!!!
    Big deal! Much ado about nothing!
    Why not point out that he wore the same tie three weeks ago! It’s a moot point!

  2. Marco is going to win this election. He will be president in 2017. You heard it here first.
    They’re trying to discredit a good man and it’s not going good to work.

  3. Fortunately Rubio recovered nicely from this and continues to pack his town hall meetings. He also explained that this narrative about the direction the country is taking is the reason why he is running for president, and he is passionate about, therefore he repeated the message and will do so again. As was mentioned in other commentaries, his accuser also has a habit of repeating himself.

  4. Because when the situation calls for you to use your brains and think for yourself, someone who can’t break himself of rehearsed lines, shows little ability to adapt to the situation and demands in front of you. This is not mere stagemanship. This goes to the very essence of the person. Can he think differently when challenged? Rubio proved he cannot. Yet. Maybe in time he will. But when he was called upon to explain himself differently, he absolutely could not. Now, the point he was making was in fact a good one. But when you’re challenged? Can you adjust out of rehearsed lines? He cannot do that yet.

  5. Because when the situation demands you think for yourself and get out of rehearsed lines, he showed he does not have that mental agility. Christie clearly does by how he’s unafraid to hold town halls and approach people. Hear them out. Answer their questions directly and sincerely. Rubio is a nice person as Christie said. But because he is still untested as a leader he cannot think for himself well under pressure. A debate is one of the ways to see if a person has that mental agility and is able to adapt under pressure. Rubio is not there. Yet.


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